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Generali Personenversicherungen AG

The market-leading provider of unit-linked life insurance in Switzerland, with a market share of around 60%, and a specialist in provident insurance.

Generali Personenversicherungen AG
Soodmattenstrasse 10
8134 Adliswil 1
Tel: 058 472 44 44
Fax: 058 472 55 55

1938 by what was then the Tagesanzeiger Group as «Fortuna Lebens-Versicherungs-Gesellschaft»
2000 renamed «Generali Personenversicherungen AG»

CHF 106.9 million, 99.9% of which is held by Generali (Switzerland) Holding Ltd.

Jaime Anchùstegui (Chairman)

Martha Dagmar Böckenfeld

Alfred Leu

Enrico Mattioli

Karl Schönenberger

Valter Trevisani

Andreas Krümmel, Chief Executive Officer

Fritz Renfer, Chief Non Life Officer a.i.
Bernhard Locher, Chief Life & Pension Officer

Roger Stieger, Chief Marketing, Customer & Communications Officer

Roger Jansen, Chief Distribution Officer

Andreas Krümmel, Chief Operations & IT Officer a.i.

Alessio Sarti, Chief Finance Officer

René Schmidli, Chief Investment Officer

Stefanie Ott, Chief Risk Officer
Jean-Pierre Schmid, Chief Human Resources & Logistics Officer

Ernst & Young

GIIN (Global Intermediary Identification Number): GFYUYY.00062.ME.756

Cross-border tax evasion should be prevented with the help of the new global standard for the automatic exchange of information (AEOI). To date, almost 100 countries, including all major financial centres and Switzerland, have declared their intention to adopt the standard.
The following link will take you to an up-to-date list that shows which partner states have signed an agreement with Switzerland on the introduction of the AEOI, which agreements have already been approved by the Federal Assembly and when these agreements entered into effect: