Our company

We introduce ourself

Since 1987, Generali Switzerland has been a trustworthy lifetime partner for our customers. We have more around one million customers and offer products for every situation in life. These include property insurance, legal expenses insurance, life insurance and pension solutions. In founding the House of Insurtech Switzerland (HITS), Generali Switzerland is focusing on corp-ups to scale up the integration of knowledge. HITS partners with corporations and start-ups to develop innovative solutions.


Generali Switzerland facts and figures

  • Founded in 1987
  • 2 head offices: Adliswil and Nyon
  • 55 locations throughout Switzerland
  • Around 1,800 employees
  • 1 million customers
  • Net income of minus CHF 29.3 million
  • CHF 1.89 billion in booked premiums



What sets us apart

  • A hub for insurtech and innovation: Generali Switzerland has successfully promoted topics such as open innovation and corp-ups (cooperation between corporations and start-ups) through its Innovation Garage. Since 2019, the Innovation Garage has been operating as an independent company under the name House of Insurtech Switzerland (HITS).
  • We’re taking on the banks: We were the first insurer in Switzerland to launch a completely digital and flexible pension product – our digital pillar 3a.
  • Everything from a single source: Thanks to our sales cooperation with ÖKK, we also offer our customers health insurance.
  • “Diamond” status for our IT: In 2019, we received the Diamond Star IT Innovation Award for our state-of-the-art Connection Platform. IT integration is a core competence in the area of technology. Diversity and openness towards external partners and emerging start-ups are essential for the success of a company.
  • Insurance on a daily basis: Our own start-up company LINGS has set up an “on-demand” insurance policy. Items such as camera equipment or bicycles can be insured with a single click. If necessary, for just one day.
  • Whatever drives you. Run for it: Since 2017, Generali has been promoting running. The fastest Swiss marathon runner, Tadesse Abraham, is our brand ambassador. Together, we motivate people to live a healthy and active life.
  • People helping people: We are committed to “The Human Safety Net”, a global movement initiated by the Generali Group to support disadvantaged people. The programmes address a variety of societal challenges, but all share the same objective: to foster human potential.
  • Music for all ages: Music brings people together, knows no linguistic barriers or age limits. It accompanies us through various situations in life – just like we do as an insurance company. We are a partner of the Swiss Music Awards. With our music promotion programme, “Lion Kids by Generali and SMA”, we give children the opportunity to lay the foundation for their personal musical development.
  • We redefine sustainability : In 2021, we launched Tomorrow Invest, a sustainable investment solution. As well as environmental factors, social issues and corporate governance play a key role. The combination of selected trends that will shape the future and a professional ESG risk rating from Sustainalytics makes the product the only one of its kind on the market.



Our global network


We’re at home anywhere in the world – after all, we’re part of one of the leading global insurance groups, with a strong brand and a growing share of the world’s markets. The Generali Group’s headquarters are in Trieste, and it’s one of the 50 biggest companies in the world. Over the last 200 years we’ve become a multinational group, with a presence in 50 countries and with more than 75,000 employees.


The connection to the Generali Group offers unique advantages. It enables us to operate with the capacities and know-how of a global leader. Above all, though, it enables us, through our shared values and an awareness of responsibility that spans the globe, to make a real difference to people’s lives.


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