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Strong values

At Generali, what we do from day to day is underpinned by definite principles. Find out what motivates us.

Our vision


actively: As a leading insurance provider, we actively improve people's lives.

protect: We focus on the heart of insurance – managing and reducing risks for people and institutions.

enhance: We create value.

people: We care about the future and the lives of our customers and our employees.

lives: We make an impact on people's quality of life: prosperity, wealth, security, advice and service help to improve their chosen way of life over the longer term.

Our purpose is to actively protect and enhance people's lives




first choice: It is logical and natural that customers should confirm by their choice the best offer on the market with the most clear-cut advantages and most attractive solutions.

delivering: We guarantee success and strive to achieve the best results possible.

relevant: We anticipate and meet individuals' needs at every stage of their lives – offering products and solutions designed to fit our customers, whatever their region or personal habits.

accessible: Simple, market-leading and easy to find, understand and use; available at any time, and competitively cost-effective.

insurance solutions: We seek to offer tailor-made and well thought-out combinations of cover, advice and service.

Our mission is to be the first choice by delivering relevant and accessible insurance solutions


Our values


We enter into long-term relationships founded upon trust with our employees, customers and stakeholders. We work with the aim of making our customers' lives better. We commit ourselves to delivering on this promise with discipline and integrity, thereby having a positive effect on long-term relationships.

We value all our employees, promote diversity and invest in continuing learning and growth by creating a working environment characterised by transparency, cohesion and openness. A secure future for our company is dependent on our employees and their talents being fostered and promoted.

We take pride in being part of a global group that has strong, sustainable and long-term relationships within all markets. It is in our markets that we are at home.

We are keen to learn, are approachable and capable, with open and diverse mindsets, and we are willing to look at things from different angles.