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We'd like to know what's on people's minds. To find out, we asked – and listened.

Marco Bernasocchi
Irene Petraglio
Claudia Lazzarini
Jean-Philippe Patthey
Jonas Straumann
Dina Lasha
Stefan Keller

We listened, no. 1

A replacement car and perfect all-round service

«My car's passenger door was damaged in an accident. Unfortunately, I rely on my car for my work and in my private life. And I don't have any time to sort things out with workshops either.»

Generali customer
Davina Talarico

«I'm in the same position, and I understand exactly what you mean. That's why we'll get you a replacement car if you're involved in a collision. We'll also take your damaged car and get it repaired in one of our partner workshops. Your car will also be cleaned before we bring it back to you. The whole process will cost you as little time as possible. All you need to do is phone Generali.»

Davina Talarico,
Generali Claims Service Centre

More information about Generali car insurance is available here.

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We listened, no. 2

Your own personal lawyer for your SME

«I didn't realise that the components I processed were defective when I got them from the supplier. But my customers noticed the defect. They refused to pay and threatened to stop doing business with me. Insolvency was staring me in the face.»

Generali customer
Marco Beffa

«This is where FORTUNA Complete legal protection insurance comes into its own: you get your own personal lawyer in our legal department, who acts for you and conducts negotiations with all parties. In this case, we established the supplier's liability and got it to accept the claim and pay all our client's bills. That way, insolvency was no longer something he had to worry about.»

Marco Beffa,
Head of Fortuna Claims Office, Adliswil

More information about FORTUNA complete legal protection insurance from Generali is available here.

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We listened, no. 3

SME specialists help you get started in business

«I'm an architect, and I'd like to become self-employed. I know my way around my business, but I don't really know what's the best way to insure myself, my firm, and my team.»

Generali customer
Alan Ballinari

«I work with you and your Generali client advisor to analyse your business. By doing that, we work out what your priorities are, what risks you're willing to bear yourself and which ones you need Generali to bear for you. I then work out a range of options for you and help you come to a decision.»

Alan Ballinari,
Generali SME Specialist

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We listened, no. 4

Finding a way through the insurance jungle

«To be honest, I really don't know what's in my insurance documents. Have I got all the insurance cover that you need?»

Generali customer
Erano Manalo

«We're more than happy to check through all your current documentation – no matter which insurers you got them from – and see whether your and your family's insurance is the best possible for your circumstances and your purposes. This sort of review can also show if you're over-insured and paying too much. We then schedule a comprehensive consultation in which I explain everything to you and put together a package that's suitable for you.»

Erano Manalo,
Generali Insurance and Pensions Advisor

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We listened, no. 5

Immediate help for our corporate customers

«A pipe's broken and the machines in my bakery are under water. That's means my business has come to a halt. A production outage is intolerable; it's something I can't afford under any circumstances.»

Generali Kunde
Tania Stifani

«Generali treats all claims notifications as emergencies: quickly and with no bureaucracy. We have a specialist team for SMEs, and they deal with our corporate customers' needs as a top priority. We do everything that needs to be done at once to make sure they can get back to working as soon as possible.»

Tania Stifani,
Generali SME Claims Processing

More information about SME claims processing from Generali is available here.

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We listened, no. 6

We're improving our water damage insurance

«One morning, I left the loft window open when the sun was shining and an unexpected summer storm ruined my parquet floor. I've now found out that my insurance doesn't cover water damage.»

Generali customer
Sibylle Dürst

«Sad to say, we hear of cases like this a lot. Up to now, our water damage insurance has been standard for the industry, but we'd like to offer our customers more. That's why, in June 2015, Generali rolled out its «all water risk» insurance, the first buildings insurance in Switzerland to also cover water damage resulting from unexpected thunderstorms.»

Sibylle Dürst,
Generali Product Managerin

More information about Generali building insurance is available here.

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We listened, no. 7

Someone to talk to about all your needs

«What I'd like is just one person to talk to about all my insurance issues.»

Generali customer
Alexander Paul

«As your personal client advisor at Generali, I deal with all your insurance and pensions issues. I do, of course, consult others, like experts or specialist departments. And I phone you back as soon as I've found out everything you need to know. Or I send you an e-mail – whichever's most convenient for you.»

Alexander Paul,
Generali Insurance and Pensions Advisor

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We listened, no. 8

Comprehensive or partial accidental damage; how about a halfway solution?

«My car's feeling its age and I'm sure partial accidental damage insurance is the best option. But I'd prefer comprehensive accidental damage insurance for holiday travel. Isn't there a halfway solution for this?»

Generali customer
Stefania Cerullo

«Lots of our customers would like a combination of partial and comprehensive accidental damage insurance. That's why our FORMULA car insurance includes the «Partial Accidental Damage Plus» option. It covers collision damage for 24 successive days in a given year. So it's ideal for when you're on holiday.»

Stefania Cerullo,
Generali Motor Vehicle Insurance

More information about Generali car insurance is available here.

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We listened, no. 9

Fast claims processing guaranteed

«I always pay my bills on time. That's what I expect of my insurers if I make a claim.»

Generali customer
Roger Kunz

«Absolutely right, too. That's why we promise you that, once you've submitted your claim – with all the documents required – it will take us no more than 7 days to process it and get our payment to you. If we fail to do that, we'll pay you an extra CHF 100. Our GUARANTEE 7 applies to our motor vehicle insurance, our household and liability insurance, and to other types of insurance as well.»

Roger Kunz,
Generali Claims Service Centre

More information about GUARANTEE 7 from Generali is available here.

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