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Support our programmes with a donation.

Every donation makes a difference

We always provide receipts for donations of CHF 200 or more. In order for us to be able to do so, please state your full address in your bank transfer.

Support us with a donation

You choose whether your donation will be used to support families or refugees.
Avoiding fees when making a donation

If you donate using Twint or a credit card, you will incur a fee. If you would like to avoid having to pay this fee, please simply transfer your donation straight to our bank account.

Donation account

Beneficiary: Fondation des Fondateurs, Breitingerstrasse 35, 8002 Zürich

Account IBAN: CH59 0483 5129 7879 9106 7

Bank: CREDIT SUISSE (Schweiz) AG


For the attention of: The Human Safety Net Switzerland Foundation