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The Human Safety Net for Refugees

People with a refugee or migrant background come with skills that can benefit our society if put to use. The Human Safety Net for Refugees programme unlocks this potential and empowers them to discover and fully develop their entrepreneurial qualities. Entrepreneurship as a means of economic and social integration is one of the main hallmarks of the programmes we support. Partnership based on an exchange between equals is another.




Partners & initiatives

Capacity: talent & start-up incubator

Our partner Capacity brings locals and newcomers together in a spirit of collaborative skill-sharing. Through its two entrepreneurship programmes, the start-up incubator fosters the talent of people in Switzerland with a refugee or migrant background. The four-month programmes provide a combination of mentoring, workshops and soft skills training that help them take their first steps towards starting their own business or socio-cultural project in Switzerland.

In the Launch programme, budding entrepreneurs learn the foundational skills required to develop their start-up ideas: they define the scope of their project and outline the initial prototyping steps. Following this ideation programme, the entrepreneurs get to the heart of the matter as their business or project idea moves into the implementation phase in the Boost programme – covering everything from drawing up business plans to marketing and communication measures, right through to budget planning and accounting.


In addition to acquiring skills, participants get to know the business world in Switzerland better, making their first contacts and starting to build a social and professional network. Thirty-two migrants and refugees were able to benefit from the two programmes in 2019.


More information on Capacity.



THSN Refugee Team: Integration through sport

What do aspiring entrepreneurs and refugees who want to become professional runners have in common? A lot! Following your own path inevitably means taking risks and literally staying one step ahead of the competition. That's why 2020 sees the launch of the THSN Refugee Team.


Together with Tadesse Abraham, Switzerland's fastest marathon runner, The Human Safety Net is taking action to support refugees and migrants aiming to build a professional running career.

Tadesse Abraham was born in rural Eritrea and came to Switzerland as a refugee in 2004. He knows first-hand how valuable sport can be as a means of integration. This makes it all the more important for him to give something back. From September, Tadesse and his coach Olivier Baldacchino will train the THSN Refugee Team. Training takes place twice a week.


The THSN Refugee Team will be open to professional runners as well as refugees and migrants who don’t pursue a professional running career. In this way, together with the Hospice général, a social institution based in Geneva, we are able to promote exchange and integration through sport for everyone.