Openings in field service

We are a lifetime partner for our customers. We offer simple, user-friendly solutions and accompany our customers in all the different phases of their lives. Our field service staff are professionals in personal customer contact and represent the face of Generali.



Where you can find us in field service


DWe are close to the people we serve in Field Service. For that reason, we’re there where our customers need us: with two head offices in Nyon and Adliswil as well as 55 Generali locations throughout Switzerland.




Key information at a glance

What members of our sales force say 

"Generali is a company that makes demands of you as well as encouraging you to advance. I've always got a kick out of that. What's more, Generali gives me the opportunity to do what I like doing best. And I get the chance to continue developing every single day."


Juan Olivet

"I like the fact that my work at Generali is very varied and that I'm constantly being presented with new challenges. Customers are different; they all need their own individual solutions. That makes my work exciting and motivates me to deliver the best solutions to my customers.”


Martinus Van der Lans