Generali, an «excellent» training company

Mar 20, 2020.

After «Friendly Work Space», Generali Switzerland has received another award as a «Certified Training Company».

Great Start. Recommended by apprentices

«All in all, I can say that this is a very good apprenticeship»


98% of Generali apprentices agree



Focus on training culture

Companies that offer attractive apprenticeships have one thing in common: in addition to high-quality professional training, they also have a real focus on their training culture. For apprentices, the HOW is often more important than the WHAT. If someone feels accepted, valued and encouraged, this also increases their enjoyment of their work and their personal commitment. Such training companies are recommended by apprentices, as is the case with Generali Switzerland.


It has long been clear to our apprentices, but has now been officially confirmed by «Great Start». Generali is an excellent training company and among the best in Switzerland. We are very proud of this award and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our professional and practical instructors and Academy trainers; their daily commitment has contributed to this success.



What is «Great Start»?

Great Start – the competition and the award for the best training companies in Switzerland – is an initiative to further strengthen the good training and workplace culture in Switzerland. Companies receive feedback on their strengths and a range of subject areas from a survey carried out among their apprentices. Exchanging good ideas is encouraged, and the best training companies receive deserved recognition in the form of an award as a Great Start.


The international research and consulting company Great Place to Work® (GPTW) Switzerland is responsible for this initiative. Great Place to Work® has locations in more than 58 countries and surveys around 7,000 companies and organisations every year for the largest global study on workplace culture.



How is the certification awarded?

The «Certified Training Company in Switzerland» award is given in accordance with a unique certification procedure that factors in the presentation of the company’s training concept and feedback from their apprentices. GPTW uses a proven dual-perspective survey method:


  1. 1. Apprentice survey / Trust Index©

The certification is based on feedback from the apprentices in the company. The training culture is assessed by means of an extensive survey consisting of 27 questions, covering various areas that are key for excellent training companies.


  1. 2. Training concept

The company training concept is equally important for a successful overall assessment. Generali has created a 40-page training concept that includes all the important points.



Evaluation criteria: What must be achieved?

In order for a company to be certified as among the «Best training companies in Switzerland», all questions in the apprentice survey must be agreed upon by at least seven out of ten apprentices.


When it comes to the training concept, the evaluation focuses on the diversity of measures, the originality and creativity of the design, and the extent to which measures can be personalised.


Generali meets all criteria in full, and is 7% above average compared to the benchmark (by comparison with all certified training companies), with a total Trust Index score of 90%.