Taking the plunge

Semira Lopez is in the second year of her apprenticeship at our Adliswil head office. We asked her how she likes it.




"My advice to applicants is just to be yourself. Your personality and how you present yourself are even more important than the marks you got at school."



What were the reasons behind your decision to become an apprentice with Generali?



"I opted for Generali because I came to an introductory day and at once felt very much at home. I liked the feel of the place and the apprenticeship team and so I knew where I belonged." 


What do you like the most about your work at Generali?


"I like having contact with customers and working together with my team. There are always new things that have to be done, and every day brings fresh challenges." 



Why do you think your application for the apprenticeship was accepted?                                                                                             

"I think it was mainly because I'm a quick learner and it doesn't take me long to fit into a team. Grades from school are important too, of course, but I think personality counts for more."

Which of your characteristics or skills would you describe as particularly important for you job? 


"I'm always happy to learn something new and so add to my store of know-how. Being originally from Spain and Algeria, languages are also among my strong points. I'd far rather work in a team than on my own, because that way you can share knowledge and help each other."  



What motivates you?

"What motivates me is the idea that the work I do can help keep customers secure and help them generally. And of course I'm motivated by all the many good things that the job has in store for me. Stick at it all the time, and you'll get where you want to be." 



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