Gaining experience while studying

Denis Sewo is working as a university intern in distribution partner management in Adliswil. We asked him how he likes it there.





“For Generali our staff are our most important resource. People take on responsibility early, even as an intern. You meet people on an equal footing so you will rapidly feel accepted and integrated. It’s great fun to work for a company where you can make something happen.”


What were the reasons behind your decision to do an internship at Generali?

"I chose an internship at Generali to apply what I have learned from studying business administration and to network my insurance experience. I also wanted to be an intern in a company undergoing change and where I can take some responsibility."


What do you do at Generali?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

"I work in distribution partner management and am involved in several projects looking at developing the sales partner channel.  As part of the projects I have interviewed brokers, prepared and given presentations and worked on the value proposition. When you are working in projects you learn new ways of working and can demonstrate your social skills and methodological abilities. I have the privilege of working with both internal and external stakeholders, which is great fun!"


What do you like the most about (your work at) Generali?

"Generali is a company that values open communication and we all speak informally with each other, from the apprentices to the Executive Board. That generates trust and a sense of belonging. I also like the fact that as an intern I am working with top-level managers.People pay attention to my input and suggestions, which is something I hadn’t expected. It’s just brilliant that as an intern you can make things happen at Generali!"


What do you do in your spare time?

"I am passionate about football and spend a lot of time on the pitch. For me football is an important way of letting off steam so I can be back working at Generali again the next day with all my energy."


What tip would you give future university interns? "Be ready to take responsibility early on, so you can show what you're good at and broaden your horizon."



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