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Protecting your daily work

The daily operation is the engine that powers your business. To keep it running, you should know and minimise the risks. What do you need to bear in mind? How can you protect yourself and your company from the financial consequences of a business interruption or a property or liability claim? We have put all this together in our “My business” series.


Stay informed: Protecting your business

Understand & minimise consulting risks

Protect yourself better from contractual risks in consulting.

Securing liquidity SME

With the right immediate measures, you can reduce expenses, compensate for loss of earnings and thus ensure liquidity.

Cyber security: Don't risk a security breach

Almost all successful small businesses have an online presence. Here are some cyber security tips to protect your data and your online business presence.

Tax measures during the COVID-19 pandemic

What do SMEs need to consider with regard to tax law?

Antitrust compliance – a must for SMEs

Antitrust law for SMEs and how they can protect themselves.

Interview: Liability legal bases for service providers

The main legal bases of liability that service providers need to know.

Guide and tools

Handy resources available to download

Insurance solutions

Protect your business with our insurance products