Business inventory insurance

Goods, machinery, office equipment or tools – a company cannot work without inventory. And if you have to replace these items due to damage, it quickly becomes very expensive. Protect yourself against high costs with business inventory insurance.

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Image Not Found Your business inventory is insured at replace
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Business inventory insurance in brief

With business inventory insurance, you comprehensively protect your company’s inventory against property damage and losses caused by fire, natural disasters, theft, water or glass breakage. All your equipment and your stock are protected. The exact cover you need will vary greatly from company to company. That is why Generali's business inventory insurance can be flexibly structured and combined. We will be happy to advise you.

Your benefits

Protect your inventory

Protect everything you need to continue working.

  • Your business inventory is insured at replacement value
  • Covers property damage caused by fire, water, theft and more
  • Flexible coverage and supplementary insurance
  • Attractive combined packages

Coverage types in detail

What is insured?
Your business inventory and your goods are insured against the risks of fire, water, burglary and glass breakage. In the event of a loss, we will pay you the replacement value of your inventory or the market value of your goods.

Combine coverage flexibly
You can flexibly supplement Generali’s business inventory insurance with various additional forms of cover to match your company’s needs. We will be happy to advise you and ensure you get the cover you need.

What ad-ons are available?
You can flexibly supplement Generali’s business inventory insurance with various additional forms of cover, such as:

  • Malicious damage
  • All risk
  • Earthquakes
  • Vehicles as merchandise

Our team of advisors for your company

Protect what’s important to your company. We’re happy to advise you personally.
Practical example

A fire breaks out in Sophie Dupont’s nail salon after a short circuit.  It leaves a trail of devastation behind: The entire interior has been completely destroyed, and the partition walls belonging to the business need to be replaced. All the products in her store caught fire, too. However, thanks to her business inventory insurance, Sophie’s loss is limited.

Generali pays out:

  • The replacement value of her interior fittings
  • The market value of her products in stock
  • The costs of the clean-up work
  • For the partition walls, including installation

Insure your entire inventory at its replacement value.

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