Commercial liability insurance

An error in someone’s day-to-day work can occur in an instant. If this results in personal injury or damage, then your company is liable with all its assets. With commercial liability insurance, you protect yourself against claims for damages.

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Commercial liability insurance in brief

Commercial liability insurance is one of the most important forms of insurance for any business. It pays out claims from third parties arising from personal injury and damage to property. If unjustified claims are made against your company, it defends against these. Claims for damages vary greatly in nature and represent a risk that is difficult to assess because they can quickly become very expensive. Taking out an insurance policy that will protect you from those risks, like commercial liability cover, is therefore well worth it.

Your benefits

Protection from high costs

One of the most important insurances for companies.

  • Pays out injury and damage claims from third parties
  • Legal defence against unjustified claims
  • Also covers legal advice, lawyer’s and legal fees
  • Available with various sums insured
  • Combined discount when you take out multiple modules

Coverage types in detail

What is insured?
Commercial liability insurance covers financial claims that are brought against your company under public liability law. The insurance also covers the cost of obtaining advice, lawyers’ fees and court costs. Liability claims can be based on a variety of conditions:

  • Hazards on your premises: e.g. if a customer is injured by an object. 
  • Risks due to poor workmanship or mistakes by employees: e.g. a painter and decorator destroys a customer’s grandfather clock with the paint used. 
  • Hazards arising from sudden environmental events 

What supplementary insurance is available?
We offer a range of supplementary covers for different sectors. Such as:

  • Removal and installation costs
  • Cleaning costs
  • Damage to borrowed vehicles
  • Faulty building work & plant and equipment faults
  • Testing and sorting costs
  • etc.

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Practical example

Anergie AG is holding an open day at which it gives a live demonstration of the latest developments in heat generation. An employee has screwed the machine together incorrectly. Unfortunately, a sharp object works loose and hits a visitor on the back of the head. She has to be admitted to hospital immediately and examinations indicate moderate concussion and suspected whiplash. Anergie AG is responsible for this. The visitor pursues large claims for damages. Thanks to its commercial liability insurance, the fledgling company does not have to pay out itself, but knows that it is properly protected.

Protect your company from unjustified liability claims.

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