Business interruption insurance

As a successful business, you do all you can to fulfil customer orders properly and on time. Generali’s business interruption insurance can help: if you have to stop production due to damage, we protect you against the financial consequences.

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Business interruption insurance in brief

If your operations are suddenly and involuntarily interrupted, Generali will pay for your loss of earnings and additional costs. These might include, for example, costs that you incur in order to still be able to execute a sales order, or ongoing fixed costs and potentially the costs of deposits against obligations that you are unable to fulfil, despite your best efforts. With business interruption insurance, we can insure you flexibly to suit your needs.

Your benefits

Protection for outages

Ensure you can keep working after an interruption

  • Safeguards your company’s survival in the event of a claim
  • Covers loss of earnings due to a business interruption
  • Pays additional costs e.g. rental of alternative premises
  • Pays damage caused by water, fire, natural events, break-ins
  • Attractive combined package with business inventory and more

Coverage types in detail

What is insured?
Generali’s business interruption insurance covers the following risks:

  • Water
  • Fire
  • Damage caused by natural hazards
  • Break-ins

What will the insurance pay out for?
If your operations are brought to a halt, your business interruption insurance will cover the following: 

  • Loss of sales 
  • Extraordinary expenses to ensure business continuity 
  • Potential contractual penalties 
  • Losses incurred by you as a result of a claim by a supplier 
  • Assumption of obligations 
  • Assumption of fixed costs such as salaries, interest payments and depreciation charges 

What add-ons are available?
We also offer food poisoning insurance for catering establishments.

Our team of advisors for your company

Protect what’s important to your company. We’re happy to advise you personally.
Practical example

The popular Marktküche restaurant, located in a beautiful older building, suddenly suffers a burst pipe. The resulting water damage interrupts Marktküche’s restaurant operations for a full two months.

Thankfully, the business interruption insurance means that the financial loss is limited. Generali bears the additional costs associated with continuing to operate: The rent on the replacement premises and new furniture. Generali also covers any loss of sales.

Provide optimal protection for your business in the event of an interruption

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