Buildings insurance

Your business property can form an important part of your corporate identity. This foundation should be protected to ensure it keeps your company satisfied for as long as possible. We support you in achieving this with Generali buildings insurance.

Image Not Found Covers fire, natural events & glass breakage
Image Not Found Includes all-risk coverage for water damage
Image Not Found Always includes a practical service package
Image Not Found 6% high insured amount and loyalty discount
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Buildings insurance in brief

Whether it’s your company headquarters located in a large high-rise or a small branch office for your five-person SME, you need suitable insurance coverage for all types of buildings.  Generali buildings insurance offers you comprehensive and flexible coverage for your business real estate and property.

Your benefits

For both buildings and land

Optimal protection for your business property.

  • Covers important risks such as fire, water, natural hazards
  • Protection against water damage thanks to all-risk cover
  • Receive up to 6% high insured amount or loyalty discount
  • Plenty of supplementary insurance available if needed
Building assistance 0848 800 400

We will take care of everything – 24/7.

  • Service package always included
  • We'll arrange a locksmith service
  • Rectify faults, for example issues with
  • Expert advice and monitoring in the even

Coverage types in detail

What is insured?
The basic insurance plan covers your building against the following risks:

  • Fire: Fire, smoke, lightning strike, explosion
  • Natural events: Hail, flooding, avalanches, etc.
  • Water: Including searching for, uncovering and repairing leaks
  • Glass breakage
  • Damage to buildings caused by break-ins
  • Damage caused by malicious intent
  • Damage by rodents

Note: We only cover damage from fire and natural events in cantons without a cantonal building insurance association.

Water – the best protection on the market
Our buildings insurance is one of the few insurance policies in Switzerland that automatically includes all-risk coverage in the event of water damage. That means, for example, that you will be insured up to CHF 5,000 if water gets in through your windows in the event of an unexpected thunderstorm.

What supplementary insurance is available?
Buildings insurance offers the following types of supplementary cover on request:

  • Buildings liability insurance
  • Technical equipment: Fixed equipment such as boilers, ventilation systems and lifts
  • Earthquakes
  • Gardens and crops: Covers damage caused by fire, natural events and malicious damage

Valuable legal protection insurance
Legal protection insurance is automatically included in our buildings liability insurance. This insurance protects you in the event of criminal proceedings resulting from a liability event involving property damage or personal injury brought against you as the owner of the building or plot of land.

First-class water damage insurance

Instant comprehensive support, plus reimbursement

Our buildings insurance offers some of the best coverage on the market when it comes to water damage. We will provide you with the service of a specialist water damage company at no charge and arrange all necessary repairs:

Measures and takeover
tick Immediate measures: Stemming the flow of water
tick Locating the leak: Identifying the cause of the damage
tick Accessing the site of the damage
tick Drying the affected rooms
tick We pay all costs incurred as a consequence of water damage

Secure optimal protection for your company building now.

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