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Professional reintegration

Support for professional reintegration

We provide advice, support and useful tips. Because employees often need help to return to work promptly after an accident or illness. With Generali’s professional reintegration service, you benefit from our many years of experience and valuable network. We help you take the most effective measures right away.

Professional help for returning to work

We provide individual, personalised support to ensure your employees are ready to return to work as quickly as possible after an accident or illness. Generali’s professional reintegration assistance is available as part of our accident and daily sickness allowance insurance, granting access to professional support and expert service.

Your benefits

Professional integration

Healthy and back at work.

  • Personal contact
  • Low costs in the event of an accident or illness
  • Early recognition of potential risk of chronic illness
  • Avoid and reduce disability claims
  • Optimise poor claims history

What is insured?

Generali claims management grants you access to a valuable network of the best reintegration specialists. Medical personnel and case managers support those employees who have suffered an accident or illness as they return to work. Your accident or daily sickness allowance insurance includes the following benefits free of charge on request:

  • Personal point of contact: You have your own personal point of contact for all claims arising from accident or illness.
  • Evaluation by designated, specialist doctors: You will be informed whether treatment, complaints and incapacity to work are justified or not.
  • Independent assessment: Medical personnel will examine the insured persons and propose alternative treatment methods.
  • Support for insured persons: Experts will visit the insured person, inform them of their rights and obligations and find out what they need.
  • Mediation: If necessary, we will mediate between you and the insured person, helping you enter into a dialogue with one another. Our experts will present effective, legally sound measures for you to discuss together, agree on and plan for.
  • Support: Your personal point of contact will stay in close touch with everyone involved during the integration phase, including individuals, institutions and the insurance company. That way, they’ll be able to spot any irregularities almost immediately and take the appropriate steps in good time.
  • External experts: If required, you will profit from external experts such as case managers for specific, case-related support.
Practical example

Marcel Häfliger is 43 years old and suffering from severe burnout. The IT team leader is signed off sick and admitted to a clinic where he can begin to recover. Thankfully, Mr. Häfliger’s employer has Generali insurance, allowing him to benefit from our claims management services. He meets his personal point of contact right away, in the hospital. The point of contact evaluates his medical, social and economic situation, gathers reports and talks to the doctors in charge. Above all, however, they talk to the patient, answer his questions and present tried and tested solutions to his issues.

Together, they come up with a plan for his professional integration back into the workplace. After a while, Marcel Häfliger is able to begin working in a small workshop. For three months, he provides support and advice as an IT support specialist. During this crucial trial phase, Marcel Häfliger realises that he is feeling well again and would like to return to his original place of work. Since then, things have been steadily improving, and Marcel Häfliger is once again working as an IT team leader. He says that his quick, successful recovery is largely thanks to his personal point of contact at Generali.

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