Guidelines for the processing and use of data


In case of an electronic application, the contract will be binding upon you even without your signature.  


Subject to your consent, we process your data and the data of the insured persons strictly confidentially and in full compliance with the Swiss Data Protection Act - in accordance with your consent and always in strict confidence. The processing of your personal data forms the basis for us to be able to prepare insurance products and/or other solutions offers for you as well as to process applications and to calculate premiums. We also need your data for the administration of your contracts and the processing of benefits in the event of a claim. If necessary and contractually agreed we also transfer your data to third parties in Switzerland and abroad. These are, for example, co-insurers and reinsurers, participating partners or other companies of the Generali Group. By accepting the offer and/or signing the application, you allow us to collect, process and store the data required to process the offer, check the application and manage the contract.


In addition, you consent to allowing us to obtain information from relevant authorities and third parties, in particular information from your previous insurer regarding your claims history. By submitting this form, you also authorise us to use your data for (statistical) evaluations, for analyses within Generali and for marketing purposes. For existing Generali customers, we link your additional personal data to your already existing data in order to offer you better insurance solutions and products. 


Should you choose to communicate with us via digital channels, such as through the customer portal or by e-mail, we would be pleased to advise you in the same manner and potentially make you additional offers. Please note that sending your personal data through digital channels may compromise your data, if not sent through a secure channel. You can find further information about the processing of your data on our data protection declaration at