Tips for proper protection against natural hazards.

Lightning, hail and more besides

Natural hazards such as lightning strikes and storms are common in Switzerland. But how can you protect yourself from them and prevent damage? You can take precautions with the right protective measures. It is also important that you behave properly during natural events. You can protect yourself financially against damage with suitable insurance products. But for damage to be covered, you must ensure you are adequately protected against natural hazards. That’s why prevention is so important.

Tips and topics about natural hazards

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Proper protection against natural hazards

Natural hazards such as hail, flooding, lightning strikes and storms are becoming an increasingly frequent occurrence in Switzerland. It is clear that effective preventive measures – such as flood defences, hail safety nets or guidelines on how to behave during storms – are needed. Very few people in Switzerland use a warning app to get alerts. The app Alertswiss issues alerts about natural hazards such as flooding, avalanches or mudslides. Switzerland also has a national natural hazards portal that publishes warnings. Stay up to date to keep yourself even safer.

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