What should you do when a loved one dies?

Death in the family

Whether it’s your grandparents, father, mother or partner, a death in the family is always difficult. Personally coping with your own grief and helping surviving dependents take priority. But death is also associated with many organisational challenges. Not only do you need to take care of the funeral, you have to handle financial and legal matters too. We are happy to advise you on pensions and insurance.

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Loss of earning capacity, disability and death

When it comes to insurance, loss of earning capacity, disability and death are all closely related. If someone loses their earning capacity or becomes disabled due to an accident or illness, they can no longer work, which can cause major financial difficulties. In this case, income protection insurance pays a pension with premium exemption at the same time. It is often combined with death benefits insurance. That way, partners and children are financially protected too should the worst happen.

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