Personal liability insurance

Since accidents can happen in an instant and you can suddenly be faced with costly damage, personal liability is one of the most important types of insurance. It protects you financially if you unintentionally cause any damage to others.

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How personal liability insurance works

Select exactly the coverage you need to match your lifestyle: Our basic cover provides a guarantee sum of CHF 3, CHF 5 or CHF 10 million. This protects you from the financial fallout of damage that you accidentally cause to others. You can also select from plenty of supplementary insurance options, such as cover if you occasionally drive a vehicle you do not own or if you rent a horse.

Your benefits

Protection from high costs

One of the most essential insurance policies.

  • Financial protection against damages claims
  • Covers damage or losses you unintentionally cause to others
  • Can be taken out as individual or family insurance
  • Basic cover: choose guarantee sum, up to CHF 10 million
  • Plenty of supplementary insurance available if needed
Generous benefits

We pay even if it is not clear who is at fault.

  • Payments up to CHF 2,000
  • Simple claims processing
  • Ideal for athletes
  • Ideal for animal owners

Liability insurance at a glance

Coverage types

Basic cover

Supplementary cover

Additional cover

Our advisors are there for you

Our competent advisor team will find the right solutions for you.

Coverage types in detail

In brief

  • Large amount guaranteed
  • Pays for damage to third parties
  • Property damage and personal injury
  • Individual or family insurance
  • Choose your own deductible

Personal liability insurance
You are not required to have private liability insurance in Switzerland. However, even though it is not legally required it is still an essential insurance, because the damages often cost a great deal. For example, if you cause an accident as a pedestrian and the other person involved in the accident becomes disabled, you might be facing costs in the millions. Our personal liability insurance will pay out to protect you. This includes personal injury and property damage as well as financial losses and damage caused by tenants. 

Select the guarantee sum yourself
You can choose the amount guaranteed: CHF 3 million, CHF 5 million or CHF 10 million. The guaranteed sum is the maximum compensation that we will pay in the event of a claim.

Generous benefits
We will pay benefits of up to CHF 2,000 even if it is unclear who is at fault, or if there is no way to determine who is at fault. This is particularly useful for amateur athletes and animal owners.

In brief

  • To suit any needs
  • Hobbies and activities
  • Such as hunting or dog ownership
  • Gross negligence

Plenty of supplementary insurance to choose from
Select your additional cover as desired to match your hobbies or activities. We provide you with custom third-party liability insurance including supplementary cover for:

  • Those who fly drones and model aircraft
  • Those who rent or borrow horses
  • Those who occasionally use of third-party motor vehicles
  • Hunters

Important supplementary cover: Gross negligence
By selecting this additional cover, you ensure that we will not reduce your benefits even if you have acted in a grossly negligent manner. For example if you ignore traffic laws. We will pay damages up to the full amount guaranteed.

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Practical examples

As part of our household insurance, you can take out multiple insurances in a single policy – simple, practical and easy to keep track of. Take out exactly the insurance you need to match your lifestyle. You can select from: Household contents, third party liability, cyber, pet and bicycle insurance.
Household insurance

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