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What are the best first cars for new drivers?

Looking for ideas to find out what is the best first car for you? New drivers definitely don’t find it easy to buy a good first car. Follow our tips to find out what you should bear in mind – from price and safety to taking out the right car insurance.

Tips and topics about getting your first car

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Insuring your first car properly

Taking out insurance for your first car is an important step in every new driver’s life. Adjust the insurance product and the insured amounts to suit your needs. As a new driver, taking out third-party liability insurance is a must. You might also want to get accident insurance or gross negligence cover too. Is it best to take out comprehensive or partial accidental damage insurance for your first car? That depends entirely on the car. Partial accidental damage insurance is adequate for a second-hand car. Seek professional advice so your first car will be your perfect little run-around for a long time to come.

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