Retirement – the start of a new chapter in your life.

Properly preparing for retirement

The earlier you think about it, the better. Seek expert advice a few years before you plan to retire. Get an overview of your finances: how much pension will you receive, and what are your expenses? Asking these questions gives you a clear picture of your financial means. And perhaps you’ll come up with brand-new ideas about other things you’d like to do.

Tips and topics about retirement

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When should I retire?

Retirement at 58, 63 or 70? While Switzerland does indeed have an ordinary retirement age, retirement often looks different in practice. Some people are keen to stop working at the earliest possible opportunity, while others enjoy their job well into old age. You should examine both your wishes and the money. Can you afford to retire early? Or would getting a part-time job after you retire give you the spare change you need to get the standard of living you want?

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