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Love living at home. Our household contents insurance lets you live a worry-free life. Whether the cellar floods or the glass coffee table has broken: We provide comprehensive protection for your property and are there for you when something goes wro

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How household contents insurance works

Our household contents insurance insures your property against all major risks, such as fire, water, damage caused by natural events, break-ins and theft. Match your household contents insurance to your lifestyle with supplementary cover, for example for theft outside the home, luggage or valuables. You can combine our basic insurance with supplementary insurance freely and flexibly.

Your benefits

Comprehensive cover

Protect your property from relevant risks.

  • Covers all important risks such as fire, water and break-ins
  • Insure essential items, such as your smart phone or laptop
  • Perfect for homeowners: insure against glass breakage
  • Select additional cover according to your needs
  • Practical: combine with third party liability insurance
Home assistance 0848 800 400

We will take care of everything and provide you with advice.

  • Add as an optional add-on service
  • We arrange tradespeople for your home
  • Removal of bee hives and wasps’ nests
  • Info line: Advice on animal hotels etc.

Household contents insurance at a glance

Coverage types

Basic cover

Supplementary cover

Ideal for homeowners

Our advisors are there for you

Our competent advisor team will find the right solutions for you.

Coverage types in detail

In brief

  • Fire, water and natural events
  • Break-ins and theft from the home
  • Glass breakage of glazing in furniture
  • Choose your own deductible

Basic cover
Whether you live in an apartment or a house: The basic cover provided by our household contents insurance insures you against the biggest risks that you might face at home:

  • Fire, water and natural events such as fires, explosions, storms and hail
  • Break-ins and theft from the home covers the cost of buying new articles to replace those stolen from you.
  • Glass breakage for glazing in furniture, such as the bathtub, ceramic hob or sink

Low deductibles
The deductible is the amount that you as the person pay in the event of a claim. You decide how low your deductible for our household contents insurance should be: CHF 200 or CHF 500. The higher your deductible, the lower your premium.   

In brief

  • Choose from a wide range of supplementary
  • Adjust to suit your lifestyle
  • From credit card misuse to valuables
  • You can even insure your luggage

Exactly what you need
Thanks to our supplementary insurance, you select and pay only for the insurance you really need – tailored to suit your life. You can insure against the following risks:

  • Theft outside the home
  • Household accidental damage insurance: Damage to your smartphone or laptop, sports equipment, jewellery, glasses etc.
  • Valuables
  • Earthquakes
  • Luggage
  • Misuse of credit cards and telephones

In brief

  • Ideal for home owners
  • For apartments or houses
  • Damages to the building or the garden
  • Building glazing

For you, the home owner
Those who own their home need more comprehensive insurance than those who rent. If you own your home we recommend that, in addition to covering damages to your furnishings and home contents, you also take out supplementary insurance for damages to the building and any outside property.

  • Insurance for glazing in buildings, such as windows and balcony doors
  • Gardens and crops

Please contact an advisor to take out these supplementary insurances. They cannot be taken out online. 


Practical examples

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As part of our household insurance, you can take out multiple insurances in a single policy – simple, practical and easy to keep track of. Take out exactly the insurance you need to match your lifestyle. You can select from: Household contents, third party liability, cyber, pet and bicycle insurance.
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