Living together. marriage or cohabitation?

Living together with or without a marriage certificate

In a partnership, once a couple has been together for a while, they often wonder whether they should get married. There are some legal benefits to marriage over simply living together or cohabitation. In a marriage, you benefit from greater financial security because your partner has to support you financially. You are also better protected in the event of separation or death. But, for that, you give up some of your freedom. Whether you choose marriage or cohabitation depends on your needs.

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Properly protecting spouses and cohabiting partners

Whatever form of living arrangement you choose, get advice on how you can ideally protect yourself. From household contents insurance to retirement provision, there’s a lot to sort out. Loss of earning capacity or death can lead to major financial challenges. And particularly if you’re cohabiting, your partner is not automatically covered. We will be happy to assess your personal situation with you and make appropriate recommendations.

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