Bicycle insurance

Is cycling part of your daily life? It’s a great way to get around. But bad things can happen, and can quickly become serious: Having an accident or damaging your bicycle can be very expensive. Our bicycle insurance gives you comprehensive cover.

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How bicycle insurance works

Cycling is a fun way to stay fit. But you shouldn't underestimate the risk of accidents. That’s why our bicycle insurance always includes collision accidental damage cover as a standard. That means we will pay for the costs of repairs to your bike, the costs of any legal disputes after an accident and more. You also have the option of insuring your bike against theft or signing up for bike assistance. 

Your benefits

Protection for you and your bicycle

Cycling with peace of mind.

  • Covers the costs of repairs to your bike
  • We pay replacement costs in the event of total loss
  • Bicycle legal protection covers costs up to CHF 50,000
  • Option to insure against theft
  • Add assistance services for emergencies to your cover

Bicycle insurance at a glance

Coverage types

Collision accidental damage

Bicycle theft

Bike assistance

Our advisors are there for you

Our competent advisor team will find the right solutions for you.

Coverage types in detail

In brief

  • Bicycle repair
  • New bike in the event of a total loss
  • Bicycle legal protection
  • Automatically included

Collision accidental damage
Collision accidental damage is always included as basic cover in your bicycle insurance policy. It covers: 

  • Cost of repairs and replacement parts for your bicycle 
  • If your bike is totally written off, the cost of replacing it with an identical bicycle as at the time of the total loss.
  • If a collision proves fatal, we will pay compensation of CHF 5,000 to the beneficiaries.

Bicycle legal protection
In the event of legal disputes, integrated bicycle legal protection insurance covers the costs for the lawyer and the court up to CHF 50,000.

In brief

  • Loss, destruction, damage
  • Theft and robbery
  • Add as optional cover

Theft of the bicycle
You can insure your bicycle against theft as an optional add-on to your bicycle insurance. The insurance covers the loss, destruction or damage of the insured bicycle as a result of theft, theft for temporary use, misappropriation, robbery or any attempt to that effect.

In brief

  • Help and support
  • In the event of breakdown, theft or accident
  • At home and abroad
  • Add as optional cover

Bike assistance
Bike assistance is there for you in an emergency – in Switzerland and around the world. You can choose to add coverage for the following costs to your bicycle insurance. The following costs are covered: 

  • Breakdown assistance, towing, collection of the bike, return expenses
  • Continuing the journey: For example, we cover the cost of renting a new bike.
  • Awaiting repairs: For example, we cover the cost of a hotel while you wait for the repairs.
  • Organisation of patient transfer and advance payment of hospital fees
  • Travel information line

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Practical examples

As part of our household insurance, you can take out multiple insurances in a single policy – simple, practical and easy to keep track of. Take out exactly the insurance you need to match your lifestyle. You can select from: Household contents, third party liability, cyber, pet and bicycle insurance.
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