Independent at long last. Moving into your first home.

What do I need for my first home?

Getting your very first place of your own is definitely one of life’s most exciting milestones. But you can still suddenly find yourself filled with questions and uncertainties. Read on to find out our tips to ensure you’re prepared for this new stage in your life. Create a to-do list so you don’t forget a thing. If you follow it, it won’t take you long to turn your first house or flat into a cosy home.

Tips and topics about your first home

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Starter kit for your first home

When choosing a home, one thing you need to consider is the costs. Can you afford it without getting into financial difficulties? While saving on furnishings is definitely an option, insurance is one thing you definitely shouldn’t scrimp on: Get advice on suitable insurance products so you don’t suddenly have to shell out thousands of francs to repair damage to your home.

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