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An accident can happen before you know it. The costs and stress can quickly get out of hand. But with Generali as your car insurance partner, you can have peace of mind. We are here to help immediately in the event of a claim. 24/7.

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How car insurance works

You decide for yourself what your car insurance covers. We have created three insurance packages for you that you can adjust to fit your needs. Do you only need accidental damage and third-party liability insurance? Do you want extras such as no-claims bonus protection and parking damage insurance? Select basic and additional covers based on your situation and your need for security.

Your benefits

Worry-free driving

With your customised car insurance.

  • Three insurance packages based on your needs
  • 24/7 breakdown cover as part of accidental damage insurance
  • Free replacement car including pick-up and delivery service
  • Quick & easy: Can be taken out online, no signature required
24/7 emergency hotline 0848 800 400

Rapid assistance and support in emergencies.

  • We're there for you around the clock
  • Assistance services worldwide
  • Breakdown assistance
  • Towing assistance

Car insurance at a glance

Basic cover

Accidental damage

Third-party liability


Supplementary cover

Gross negligence

Parking damage

No-claims bonus protection

Our advisors are there for you

Our competent advisor team will find the right solutions for you.

Coverage types in detail

In brief

  • Partial or comprehensive insurance
  • Worldwide assistance in an emergency
  • 24/7 breakdown assistance
  • Choose your own deductible

Partial or comprehensive accidental damage insurance – which is best?
The biggest difference in car insurance in Switzerland is whether you select partial or comprehensive accidental damage insurance: Partial accidental damage insurance covers damage to your own vehicle that you do not cause. Comprehensive accidental damage insurance does the same, but also covers damage you cause as the result of a collision.

Partial accidental damage cover

  • Fire, theft, glass breakage
  • Martens, vandalism
  • Natural events such as storms, hail, landslides, avalanches, rockslides, floods

Comprehensive accidental damage insurance
Covers everything covered by partial accidental damage insurance as well as damage caused by you as the result of collisions, crashes, impacts, overturning and sinking.

24/7 emergency services – worldwide
Regardless of whether you take out partial or comprehensive accidental damage insurance, our 24-hour breakdown assistance and assistance services are automatically included in every accidental damage insurance policy. We are always happy to help in the event of an emergency. Round the clock and anywhere in the world. 

In brief

  • Compulsory insurance
  • Covering claims made against you
  • Up to CHF 100 million in cover
  • Choose your own deductible

What does third party liability insurance cover?
In Switzerland, third party liability insurance is mandatory for anyone who owns a car or any other form of motor vehicle. It covers any damages to third parties and property damage to vehicles or other items caused by yourself or another driver with your car. We offer effective insurance coverage of up to CHF 100 million for damages you cause.

In brief

  • Protection for everyone in the car
  • Covers disability and death
  • Daily hospital allowance and treatment
  • Choose your own deductible

What does accident insurance cover?
It’s bad enough to be injured in an accident. But our accident insurance will at least protect you and your passengers from any costs associated with an accident with your vehicle. Generali offers concrete support immediately, providing benefits even before liability has been established.

Coverage types

  • Disability
  • Death
  • Daily hospital allowance
  • Treatment costs

In brief

  • Pays benefits no matter what
  • In the event of gross negligence
  • Waiver of our right of recourse
  • Waiver of our right of reduction

What does gross negligence insurance cover?
This insurance covers claims even in the event that you violated traffic laws in a grossly negligent manner. This could be something as minor as overlooking a stop sign. The law grants insurance companies a right of recourse and reduction to benefits in these cases. Gross negligence insurance makes sure you are covered.

In brief

  • For damage to parked cars
  • Caused by unknown parties
  • Covers 1 parking damage claim per year

What does parked vehicle damage insurance cover?
If another person has caused damage to your vehicle, the case is clear: Their liability insurance must pay for the damages. But what do you do if you don’t know who it was? In that case, it’s a good idea to have our parked vehicle damage insurance, which covers damages to your parked vehicle caused by unknown third parties.

Common damage to parked vehicles?

  • Broken rear-view mirror
  • Paint scratches
  • Dented bodywork

In brief

  • Maintain your premium level
  • After the first claim made each year
  • Protects from rising premiums

What does no-claims bonus protection cover?
When you take out car insurance, you will usually find that your premiums will go up the year after you receive benefits after making a claim. No-claims bonus protection is supplementary cover that prevents your premiums from increasing and allows you to keep your bonus.

One claim covered per year
No-claims bonus protection supplementary cover guarantees that your premium level will stay the same after the first registered claim each year. This additional cover is already included in our CLASSIC and OPTIMA packages.

Making a claim causes enough annoyance and hassle, so it’s a good thing you can rely on our repair service. If your car needs repairs for collision damage, parking damage or glass breakage, you won’t need to worry about anything. We will organise the repairs to your vehicle and ensure they are top quality.
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Generali repair service

Practical examples

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