Insurance for domestic employees

Babysitters, gardeners and housekeepers perform valuable work and it's only fair to protect them against the risk of having an accident at work. Our domestic employees’ insurance offers comprehensive protection for accidents.

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How domestic employees’ insurance works

The law requires the employer to conclude compulsory accident insurance for all domestic employees. So we offer an easy, simple solution. Benefit from the following coverage: Treatment costs, daily allowance, disability pension and survivor’s pension. Provide comprehensive protection to your domestic employees in the event of accidents at work and on their way to work.

Your benefits

Compulsory protection

Protects your employees against accidents at work.

  • Simple insurance with comprehensive cover
  • Compulsory accident insurance for only CHF 100 per year
  • Insure treatment costs, daily allowance and pensions
  • Fulfil your legal obligation as an employer
  • Show your domestic employees that you care

Domestic employees’ insurance at a glance

Coverage types

Treatment costs

Daily allowance


Our advisors are there for you

Our competent advisor team will find the right solutions for you.

Coverage types in detail

In brief

  • Medical treatment
  • Hospital stays
  • General ward

Important treatment costs
Our domestic employees’ insurance covers all treatment costs arising from an accident. This includes medical treatment and hospital stays in a general ward. 

In brief

  • Daily accident benefit
  • Pays from the third day
  • Up to 80% of salary

Daily allowance in the event of an accident
With this coverage, we pay a daily allowance from the third day after an accident, ensuring that your employee continues to receive payment even when they cannot work. Covers a maximum of 80% of the insured salary. 

In brief

  • Disability pension coverage
  • Survivor’s pension coverage
  • Pays a pension to your employee after an accident

Disability pension
Disability pension protects your domestic employees in the event that they become disabled due to an accident and can no longer work. We cover up to 80% of the insured salary. 

Survivor’s pension
You can also provide financial protection to your employees’ families. If your employee dies as a result of an accident, we will pay a pension to their surviving dependants. We cover up to 70% of the insured salary in the event that there is more than one surviving dependent.

Practical example

Joe and Michelle Smith want to spend all their free time with their children. That’s why they have decided to hire Ms. Miller, a cleaner. Unfortunately, Ms. Miller falls while cleaning the windows and breaks her arm. Fortunately, the Smith family has taken out compulsory accident insurance for Ms. Miller. Thanks to this insurance, Generali covers all medical costs and the cost of her hospital stay. Ms. Miller also receives a daily allowance, which pays her 80% of her salary during her recovery, allowing her peace of mind until she can return to work.

Be a responsible employer: Make sure your valuable domestic employees are properly insured.

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