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My contact details and policy
Change your address
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Change your address online.
Change name and Marital status
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Change your name and marital status online.
Order your policy
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Order the original or a copy of your policy.
MyGenerali customer portal
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Learn about all its features, register straight away and log in.
My invoices and payments
Choose a payment method
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Get an overview of all your payment options.
Questions about invoices
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Ask us a question about your premium invoice.
Order invoice copy
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Order a copy of an invoice.
Order payment slips
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Order more payment slips.
Payment frequency property insurance
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Change the payment frequency for your property or legal protection insurance.
Payment frequency life insurance
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Change the payment frequency for your life insurance.
We want to make sure you get what is rightfully yours. That's why we have put together some letter templates and sample contracts for you to download, complete and then use.
Download now
Download now
Documents for my vehicle insurance
International insurance card
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Order an international insurance card (green card).
European accident statement
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Order an accident statement form for your vehicle.
Insurance certificate
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Order an insurance certificate for your vehicle.
Documents for my life insurance
Tax statement
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You will be sent your statement by the beginning of February. Order a new one here.
Policy values
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Order an overview of your policy values and fund account.
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Pillar 3a and 3b: use the form to nominate your beneficiaries
Power of attorney
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Download the form for granting power of attorney.
Advance withdrawal for residential property
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Do you want to withdraw money from pillar 3a or 3b early to purchase an owner-occupied residential property?
FATCA forms
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Download the forms for persons liable for paying tax in the USA.

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