Becoming self-employed. Key factors.

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Dream of becoming self-employed? If so, take a close look at the pros and cons and stay realistic. Being self-employed can come with a lot of freedom, but also with a lot of responsibility. In addition to working as a sole trader, setting up a business or company is also a form of self-employment. However, when it comes to the law, there are some major differences. To name just two, as a self-employed sole trader, you are not required to take out accident insurance or pay into a pension fund, both of which are required if you set up a business or company. 

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How to become self-employed in Switzerland

Ready to make the move? If so, there are still a few things to consider before taking the plunge.  For one, read up on the legal requirements and create a solid financial plan. It is also important to look into any insurance and pension plans you may might need. If in doubt, get advice about your options and about what might work best for you. 

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