Accident insurance for families

Basic insurance often will not cover all costs in the event of an accident. So it’s important to have supplemental protection for your family. Our accident insurance gives you all security and the best possible treatment, anywhere in the world.

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How accident insurance for families works

At home, doing sports or while travelling: it only takes a minor incident to cause significant consequences for you and your family. Our accident insurance takes over where mandatory benefits end. This offers families with children and one adult who is not in employment, in particular, much needed security. Make sure that, in the event of an accident, you can concentrate fully on your recovery. 

Your benefits

Family accident insurance

The best possible treatment, guaranteed.

  • The ideal addition to compulsory accident insurance
  • Free choice of doctors and hospitals worldwide
  • Covers the costs of alternative medical treatments
  • Covers dental care for children and young adults
  • Unlimited payment of transport costs (e.g. Rega)
Accident assistance 0848 800 400

We are there when you need us most.

  • Immediate help in an emergency, worldwide
  • Automatically included
  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Coordinates hospital and transport
  • Organises domestic help and home care

Accident insurance at a glance

Coverage types

Treatment costs



What can be insured?

Daily hospital allowance

Daily accident benefit

Our advisors are there for you

Our competent advisor team will find the right solutions for you.

Coverage types in detail

In brief

  • Unlimited coverage
  • Private patients
  • Private room and private hospital
  • Accommodation if your child is in hospital
  • Also covers alternative medicine

Benefits of private insurance
After an accident, you want to know that your family will receive the best possible treatment. We cover treatment costs worldwide as if you were a private patient (single room, private hospital). If you have to look after your young child in hospital, these costs are also covered in most cases.

Good to know
The unlimited insured amount applies for five years per insured event. 

In brief

  • Coverage up to CHF 200,000 for adults
  • Coverage up to CHF 500,000 for children
  • Disability caused by an accident
  • Lump-sum payment
  • Premium exemption in the event of total disability

Well protected in the event of disability
In the event of disability resulting from an accident, we pay a lump sum of up to 350% of the chosen sum insured. This is a maximum of CHF 500,000 for children or CHF 200,000 for adults. The insurance also covers loss of earnings for parents who stay at home to care for a disabled child.

In brief

  • Coverage up to CHF 100,000
  • Lump-sum payment
  • Protection for surviving dependants
  • Death caused by an accident
  • Children’s premiums are still paid

Optimal protection for your loved ones
You choose the insured sum up to a maximum of CHF 100,000. If you or your child die due to an accident, the lump sum will be paid to the surviving dependants. In addition, in the event of your death, we will continue to pay your insured children’s premiums until they become adults.

In brief

  • Cover from CHF 50 per day
  • Pays a daily allowance for hospital stays
  • Covers rehab treatments and clinics
  • Pays from the very first day

Helpful daily hospital allowance
Whether you are in a hospital, treatment centre or rehabilitation clinic: Our daily hospital allowance brings financial relief, paying you CHF 50 per day. We always pay you a daily hospital allowance from the first day.

In brief

  • Up to CHF 60 per day
  • Pick the start of payment yourself
  • Suitable for persons not in gainful employment
  • Closes the gaps in your insurance

Helpful daily accident benefit
Fill the gaps in your basic accident insurance. We will increase your salary from 80% to 100%. You decide when we start paying you your daily accident benefit: as of the 1st / 15th / 61st or 91st day.

Good to know

Persons not in gainful employment can also insure for a daily accident benefit. This means that the work done by mothers and fathers who work in the home as care-givers can still enjoy comprehensive insurance.

We would be happy to advise you
You cannot sign up for daily accident benefit online. If you want to add it to your insurance, please contact one of our advisors.

Practical example

Young Alex goes for a spin on his mountain bike while on holiday with his family and has a serious fall. He injures his leg and needs to be admitted to a special clinic for emergency treatment. The family calls our hotline. From then on, we take care of everything: We pay for inpatient treatment in a hospital in the US. We then arrange for Alex to be repatriated on a scheduled flight, accompanied by a doctor. The rest of the family had to extend their stay in the US as a result of the accident. We also cover these costs. 

One month later, Alex is fully recovered and is pleased to learn that Generali will also cover the costs for replacing his damaged mountain bike. He also receives compensation for the time he was unable to work.

The ideal addition to compulsory accident insurance – protect yourself now.

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