Generali Switzerland's netiquette

Generali welcomes anyone interested to join in the open sharing of opinions, ideas and knowledge on its Facebook page. For all queries, reports or information about personal insurance policies, we can be contacted by telephone on 058 472 40 40 and will be happy to help.


1. Opinions


Generali gives notice that articles and opinions featured on this page do not necessarily reflect its views or those of its employees or partners.


2. Content and actions


Generali Switzerland will not tolerate any content, statements or actions that are illegal, offensive, discriminatory, obscene, pornographic, racist, insulting, derogatory, polemic, misleading, threatening, of such a nature as to incit violence, libellous or repetitious.


3. Rights of third parties


Content violating the rights of third parties (including copyright and personality rights) or containing direct or indirect advertising for third parties' products and services is prohibited. The private sphere is likewise to be constantly protected.


4. Confidential information


It's worth bearing in mind that content, once it is published, can rapidly be circulated around the Web. Posts need to be well thought through before publication. In addition, no confidential information may be put online, especially not information relating to persons, policies or claims.

Fans must affirm that they accept Facebook's official rules and its terms and conditions of use.


5. Liability


Posts by users cannot be checked for any breaches of the guidelines until after they have been published. If they are found to have breached the guidelines, they will then be removed. Generali is unable for this reason to guarantee the legality or honesty of posts at any given moment.


Users also bear sole responsibility for the content and posts published by them. Generali Switzerland can accept no liability for such posts or for the consequences resulting from them.


Generali Switzerland's Facebook team reserves the right to delete content that breaks these rules. Persons who repeatedly break these rules will be blocked from posting on our page.


We welcome comments, suggestions, requests or criticisms relating to this page, which can be sent to us via Facebook or by email to