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Find the right solution for your company
To ensure your company gets the protection it deserves, we sit down with you and conduct a risk analysis. We then put together the right combination of insurance solutions for you on this basis. In the meantime, you’ll find details of all our insurance and services here.

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What side of the business are you interested in? We have solutions and services for every important aspect of your company’s operations: from the daily business to inventory, vehicles and real estate, right through to construction projects.

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Your employees are the backbone of your company. They keep the business running and help the company grow and evolve. You’ll find the right solution for every situation here – making it easy for you to offer your employees the best possible insurance cover.

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Individuals in key positions, with special tasks, skills and abilities, require special protection. Key person cover is a good way to protect your company and add to your attraction as an employer. You’ll find the right insurance solutions here.

We will advise you in person

Every company is different. Perhaps you use special production equipment that you would specifically like to protect? Maybe you do business abroad? Or your canton has its own regulations? Just ask us. We are happy to advise you and design an insurance solution that precisely matches your company’s needs.