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Transport insurance

Comprehensive, flexible cover for your goods in transit

Whether valuable industrial goods for export, fresh tulips from Holland for the flower shop or materials for the local building site, whether you're a major company or small enterprise, we all rely on goods getting from A to B in one piece. Transport insurance gives you the security of knowing that your delivery is well covered, by air, land or sea.

How you benefit

  • Full, simple, flexible insurance cover
  • Optimum addition to business inventory and third-party liability insurance

The comprehensive, flexible insurance to protect your goods in transit

For particular risks that cannot be covered by business inventory and third-party liability insurance.


Transport insurance is the optimum cover for all companies with a financial interest in transported freight, such as:

  • Industrial goods: finished or semi-finished manufactured products such as machinery, spare parts, electric and electronic devices, IT components, watches and jewellery, chemical and pharmaceutical products.
  • Merchandise: foodstuffs; furniture; sanitary installations and other goods intended for export.
  • Monetary assets: gold, silver, securities, cash.


The risks your goods are exposed to during transportation are unpredictable and difficult to quantify in advance.


Transport insurance from Generali offers you ideal insurance cover and security across the board during shipping.


The insurance benefit can be adapted to your individual needs at any time.


How does transport insurance work? A specific example:

The company Machinery Ltd exports high-precision machinery to the US, by road to Basel and then as air freight to its destination. A pallet falls off the truck as it is being unloaded at the airport and the machinery is seriously damaged.


But there's no need to worry. Not only will we pay the repair and replacement costs, we will also pay the temporary storage and onward transport costs and any costs that arise if a claims adjuster needs to be involved.


Summary of the details

Generali insures your goods during transport, providing the cover that is standard in the Swiss market.

  • A full or partial solution, depending on your needs.
  • Insuring individual shipments
  • Third-party liability insurance for truck drivers
  • Individual solution for small events and exhibitions, including transportation.


Each transport undergoes an individual risk assessment.

Important questions

The insurance cover lasts from the start to the conclusion of the transport, even if the transport takes longer than envisaged due to unforeseen circumstances. The insurance is valid for the route or territory defined in the policy.

The policy can be concluded either for a duration of one to five years or for the duration of the transport.

In particular, companies involved in crafts, construction, trade and the service sector, but also freelancers, transport companies and private individuals for the purpose of private transports, such as when moving house.

Imports and exports, transports within Switzerland or between different branch offices or production units within a company.

The premium amount depends on the type of goods and their packaging, the mode of transport, the frequency of the transport and the selected cover and insurance sum.