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Case management

Competent support when returning to work

Anyone who becomes unable to work as a result of an accident or illness needs to be enabled to return to work as quickly as possible. Case Management offers employees who have been ill or suffered accidents medical support and help in contact with the insurance company and other bodies involved. It aims of help the employee get back to work as quickly as possible.

How you benefit

  • Repositioning in the labour market
  • Support in the event of changes in health
  • Support from competent specialists
  • Personal contact partner

What is case management?

We work closely together with companies to achieve an agreed objective that benefits everyone. That means getting employees who have been ill or have suffered accidents back to work as soon as possible and under the best possible conditions. Depending on your needs, we offer the following solutions:


  • A single contact person, who is responsible for receiving and paying out on your reported accident and daily sickness allowance claims.
  • Consultant physicians, i.e. competent specialists in their relevant fields (orthopaedic surgery, internal medicine, dental medicine and psychiatry) are able to assess whether the medical treatment and determination of incapacity to work are justified.
  • A network of independent medical experts can be called upon at short notice to perform an individual examination of the insured person and issue suggestions for alternative treatment options.
  • Specialists visit the sick or injured person at home to inform them of our insurance services and actively support them. These visits can also be used for monitoring purposes. Meetings with the employer to discuss solutions can also be arranged.
  • A case manager is responsible for contacting those with a long-term incapacity as soon as possible. He or she establishes contact between the insured person, the employer, the insurance company and the relevant institutions and social insurance bodies. Working together with these, he or she investigates the possibilities of reintegrating the person into the company or another suitable occupation and so is able to put forward optimum solutions in the interests of the insured person, the employer and the insurance company.