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Insurance for accidents and daily sickness allowance

Financial security for companies and employees

Employees are your company's most valuable asset. That's why it's a loss to the company when one of them is absent due to an accident or illness. Your insurance for accidents and loss of earnings offers companies and employees financial cover against the costs of absences resulting from accidents or illness. Its comprehensive benefits allow patients to concentrate fully on their recovery, speeding their return to work.

How you benefit

  • Comprehensive protection for your company and social insurance for your employee and yourself
  • Insurance against loss of earnings in the event of illness, tailored to your needs and the benefits of your pension fund
  • Efficient tool for absence management
  • Coordination of your insurance cover with the agreements applicable to your sector if your employees are subject to a collective labour agreement (GAV)
  • Simple, quick online claims reporting

Start of coverage: 

The start of insurance coverage is newly defined so as to bridge the gaps in existing coverage. The insurance coverage will thus take effect on the day on which the policyholder enters into employment or is entitled to a salary for the first time.

End of coverage: 

The previous 30-day notice period is extended to 31 days so as to avoid any gaps in insurance coverage.

Reduction of the disability pension at ordinary retirement age: 

So as to not favour people who have had an accident over those that have not, it was decided to reduce the disability pensions granted to policyholders once they reach ordinary retirement age.


SUVA's scope of responsibility: 

The law sets out which categories of companies and authorities fall within the scope of responsibility of SUVA. The commercial sectors mentioned whose sole activity is the finishing of products have been removed from the scope of responsibility of SUVA (opticians, shops selling jewellery and watches, radios and televisions, and interior design items).

Tailor-made cover for your employees

The comprehensive cover for your company and social cover for your employees. This also applies to you personally as the owner of the business.


The accident insurance (UVG) covers you against the costs resulting from an accident. It covers:

  • medical costs, outpatient treatment, hospital stays, prescribed medication and prescribed spa treatments
  • daily allowance of 80% of salary from the third day of absence
  • if necessary, a disability pension of 80% of salary, impairment compensation and incapacity allowance
  • In the event of death, widow(er)s and orphans receive survivors' pensions.


The supplementary accident insurance also covers reimbursement of costs for hospitals stays as a private pension and the option of including higher daily allowances, pensions and lump-sum benefits.


The insurance for loss of earnings due to illness (EAK) includes:

  • daily allowance of up to 730 days per case
  • flexible definition of waiting periods, in order to harmonise the EAK benefits with those of your pension fund
  • an integral insurance in the event of illness, which also covers costs arising as a result of pre-existing illnesses


In addition, we offer supplementary insurance for key personnel, covering the costs of absences (excluding salary costs) resulting from accidents or illness of key employees (fixed costs, recruitment of a replacement, salaries of other employees, etc.)


How accident insurance works – an example

Ms Arnold has set up a consulting firm that has two employees. One of her employees is involved in a traffic accident while waiting at a red traffic light.


He is serious injured and is immediately taken to hospital, where he has to undergo two knee operations. Subsequently he undergoes a extensive period of rehabilitation in hospital, involving protracted physiotherapy. He is advised to go to a spa for thalassotherapy without delay.


Fortunately Ms Arnold has insured her employees well, so she doesn't have to bear the consequences of the accident alone, having only recently set up her company.


Generali covers the outpatient treatment, hospital stay, prescribed medications and thalassotherapy. In addition, because Ms Arnold took out UVG supplementary insurance, a daily allowance of 100% of salary is paid out from the very first day. With the medical consultant's support, the employee is able to return to work without any problems and in as short a time as possible.


So there was no risk of Ms Arnold having to close down her company so soon after it started business.


Summary of the details

What benefits does your accident and health insurance offer?

  • Sunetplus: You can improve your operating organisation with the help of this free data-processing system. Sunet allows you to manage the absences of your employees and generate statistics, graphs and analyses for the purposes of global absence management.
  • Care management We aim to play our part in making sure your employees can return to work as soon as possible, so we offer them and you as the business owner the solutions appropriate to your circumstances.

Important questions

The insurance comes into force on the date indicated in the policy.

The contract may be concluded for a term of 1 to 3 years for the EAK insurance, and for a term of 1 to 5 years for the UVG insurance.

All types of businesses, including self-employed persons.

The premium depends on the insured risk, the scope of cover selected and the total salary. Combination discounts of 5% are granted if the EAK, UVG and UVG supplementary insurance contracts are concluded with Generali.

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