Car towed away – what now?

The podcast episode that explains what to do to avoid paying more than necessary.

So, you parked in a private car park. and your car was immediately towed away. What can you do to avoid paying more than you absolutely need to? Important: Don’t pay the towing fee straight away. This episode explains what to do.

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Podcast episode highlights

Our podcast with our legal specialists and experts is currently broadcast in Swiss German. This episode is full of valuable tips for making sure you don’t end up paying more than necessary if your car has been towed away.

Minute 0:45

Unauthorised parking on public land

  • What happens if I park illegally on public property?
  • Am I allowed to stop in a no-parking area?
  • What do I need to be aware of when transferring goods?

Minute 2:25

Unauthorised parking on private land

  • What is the most common situation involving illegal parking on private property?
  • What should I do if my car has been towed away?
  • Can the recovery service charge me for returning my car on the spot?
  • What should I do if the recovery service charges me for it having to return without my car?


Legal protection insurance

We help you know your rights.

Minute 4:30
Is a property owner allowed to have my car towed away?

  • Can the homeowner have my car towed away if I have parked illegally on their property?
  • Who must pay the recovery service’s bill, the homeowner or me?
  • The homeowner must first try to locate the car owner. What does this involve?

Minute 7:00
Three frequently asked questions about parking in an unauthorised place

  • If it’s a motorbike, not a car, does that make a difference? And where am I allowed to park?
  • In general, what does a court-ordered ban mean?
  • What is an administration fee, and do I have to pay it?


You come back to get your car after a visit to friends – but it’s gone. The recovery service will only return the car to you for a large cash payment. What now? Our legal protection insurance team can help.

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