Travel cover: which insurance is right for me?

Jul 22, 2022.

A lot can happen on holiday. It’s good to have the right travel insurance in place. But which types of insurance make sense for whom?

Why is travel cover important?

Anyone who travels is exposed to risks. For example, you could fall ill during the trip or your luggage could be stolen. You may not be able to start the journey at all. This can all quickly become expensive if you don’t have travel insurance – such as if you have to cover cancellation costs, or medical bills put a strain on your travel budget. That’s when you need fast, straightforward help and financial cover. With the right travel insurance, you are well protected should you suffer damage or a loss. However, not every travel insurance policy suits every need. Find out which type of travel insurance makes sense, and when.


Well covered for travel: travel insurance at a glance

How useful is international health insurance?

A broken leg while abroad, tonsillitis or severe gastrointestinal problems: it’s not just annoying if you fall ill while on holiday; it can also become expensive. Even in the EU, health insurance companies do not cover all the costs for healthcare abroad. International health insurance therefore makes sense for anyone planning a trip abroad, regardless of whether it’s to Thailand, Norway or Italy. If your health insurance company does not cover all the costs for treatment and for repatriation back to Switzerland, personal assistance will cover this. Your benefits: you can enjoy a worry-free holiday, and won’t have to pay expensive medical bills in an emergency.


When do I need travel cancellation insurance?

Despite careful planning, it’s always possible that your long-awaited trip has to be cancelled for good reason. It’s particularly annoying that many tour operators, accommodation providers and transport companies still ask you to pay. With travel cancellation insurance, you are well protected in the event of an emergency. The insurance covers cancellation costs and often also covers the additional return expenses if the trip is interrupted prematurely. Travel cancellation insurance therefore particularly makes sense for expensive holidays.


What does trip interruption insurance cover?

Many travel cancellation policies already include trip interruption cover (including cancellation cost insurance). Alternatively, it can often be selected as a supplementary module. Trip interruption insurance makes perfect sense for your comprehensive travel cover. You never know what could happen while you’re on holiday. With this cover you can relax while you’re travelling, even if interrupting your trip is unavoidable. Like travel cancellation insurance, the policy covers the cancellation costs for transport companies, service providers, etc. It also covers the additional costs for your return journey.


When does luggage insurance make sense?

Whether luggage insurance makes sense for you depends on the financial value of your luggage. Are you going on a beach holiday with a handful of T-shirts, or are you heading out on an exclusive city trip with a cocktail dress and a tuxedo? Generally, luggage insurance pays off if you take expensive items with you when you travel. The insurance will always step in if your luggage is damaged or misplaced. It will reimburse you for the value of all items covered by the policy. Some insurance policies also partially cover the costs for replacement purchases in the destination country.


Tailor-made travel protection: modular travel insurance from Generali

With Generali’s travel insurance, you and your family are always well covered when you are on the go. The modular structure allows you to choose the right travel insurance for you from three basic and three supplementary modules. Select at least one basic module, and add further modules depending on your specific needs. In addition to the basic modules for cancellation costs, personal assistance and vehicle assistance, supplementary modules are also available for travel and motorists’ legal protection, luggage and assumption of the deductible for rental vehicles. And no matter which combination you choose: at Generali, we are available for you 24/7 on the service telephone.