Properly preparing for your holiday

Jul 8, 2022.

Summer, sun, walks on the beach: it's almost time for that well-deserved holiday – and, unfortunately, all the stress that goes with it. Have you packed everything you’ll need? Does everyone have their passports? Will the rental car be waiting for you at the airport? With the right preparation, you can feel more relaxed before you set off on your holiday. Find out how here.

Properly preparing for your holiday before departure

There's a lot to prepare before you can set off, in addition to the stresses of everyday life. Otherwise, the holiday could take an ugly turn. We have put together a list of things you shouldn't forget.


Healthy inside and out

Check well before departure whether you still have all the important vaccinations. Also, find out whether any additional vaccinations are required or recommended for your destination. You can retrieve this information from the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute


In addition to the necessary vaccinations, you should also think about international health insurance. Unfortunately, emergencies happen faster than you think. Cancellation insurance might also be a good idea. That way, you’ll be financially covered if you are unable to take the planned trip due to an accident or illness.


You should also check early on whether your first-aid kit still has all the medication you need and replace any expired items. In this article, we summarise what should be included in your first-aid kit concise summary.


I'll pack my suitcase and take ...?

Though we may be looking forward to the holidays, we often postpone the tedious process of packing until the last minute. No wonder we sometimes forget something. Depending on the destination, you should pack shorts, a T-shirt and trainers or a woollen jumper and a rain jacket. And you also shouldn’t forget important documents such as your hotel booking confirmations, flight tickets and health insurance cards. We have put together a concise packing list for you here so that you have everything you need on your next holiday and the last-minute packing is also a success.


A relaxing family holiday

There’s almost nothing nicer than spending a few days of holiday together with your family. However, children and adults often have different needs on holiday. We have put together a few tips and tricks to make your time abroad with the family as stress-free as possible in this article.


Preparing for emergencies with the right travel insurance

A broken leg on a skiing holiday in Austria, sea urchin spines in the knee on the Côte d'Azur or a sick child just before the Gotthard tunnel: unfortunately, unpleasant experiences can be all too common when you're on holiday. It's good to be properly insured in case of an emergency. Generali travel insurance protects you and your family and helps you to keep a cool head in an emergency. You can select the individual basic and supplementary modules according to your needs. That way, you’ll be well prepared for your holiday.