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Feb 21, 2023.

At last – the first beautiful days of spring are here, and you can bring your motorcycle out of hibernation. However, the anticipation can quickly result in an accident. That’s why it’s very important to take care of motorcycle maintenance early and ride safely. Here are some tips for starting the motorcycle season right

Maintenance: How to ensure your motorcycle is road-ready for the new season

What state is your motorcycle in? That will determine whether you can enjoy the first ride and the rest of the season. These six maintenance tips will help you be ready when spring arrives.

  • Worn tyres are dangerous and illegal. The tyre profile should be at least 1.6 millimetres deep. Take time to check the tyre pressure. This varies from bike to bike, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications. If your tyres are older than six years old, you should replace them because the rubber can become porous, causing the tyre to burst. Here, too, make sure you are following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Is your battery still working? You may need to charge it before going for your first ride. You can use a battery charging device to charge the battery in winter. This is particularly important if you have not used your bike for a long time, or if you have left it outside over the winter. Regularly charging the battery will help it to last longer. Batteries older than four years should be taken to the garage regularly for a check-up.
  • If you did not clean the motorcycle chain in autumn, you should do so before the start of the season. Chain maintenance also includes ensuring the chain is well oiled and checking the tension.
  • Use a special cleaning product to remove the dirt from the brakes and do a brake check. Do the foot and hand brakes still work well? Are the brake lines intact? If you aren’t sure, have a professional repair person check your motorcycle.
  • Fluids: Does your motorcycle still have enough oil, brake fluid and coolant?
  • Check all lights and indicators. The days are still short at the beginning of the motorcycle season, making it more important than ever to ensure that you are visible when the sun starts to set.


Motorcycle gear and behaviour on the road: what you need to know

There are more motorcycle accidents in spring, because people are more likely to overestimate their abilities at the beginning of the season. Adjust your behaviour on the road and make sure you are wearing motorcycle gear that offers good protection. These six tips cover the most important actions you can take:


  • After the long winter break, take the time you need to get used to how your motorcycle handles. Remember: you’re a little rusty, and need time to sharpen your senses again.
  • In the springtime, shaded areas and gravel on the road can be slippery. Remember to adjust your speed accordingly.
  • Why not start the season with a refresher course? This will not only vastly improve your safety, and quickly, it will also allow you to spend time practising special techniques such as evasive manoeuvres or emergency braking.
  • If you ride with a group, remember not to let them rush you or stress you out. Ride at a speed you are comfortable at and don’t be tempted to do anything reckless. Riding in groups means riding in a staggered formation. The first rider rides on the left side of the lane, the second rider following on the right side of the lane, the third rider again on the left side of the lane, and so on. This helps to prevent rear-impact collisions.
  • Motorcycle gear is the only protection you have on the road apart from driving safely and practising anticipatory driving. That’s why it’s important to invest in good quality gear. Use protectors to cover your back, shoulders, elbows and more. Motorcycle boots that cover your ankles and calves offer additional protection. And of course you must wear abrasion-resistant gloves. If you have been in an accident while wearing your helmet, it must be replaced. It should also fit well and not block your field of vision.


Generali tip


Our representative Generali survey “Visibility when out and about” shows that around 80% of those surveyed found that other road users should do more to improve their visibility while driving. Protect yourself and others by wearing reflectors and high-contrast clothing on the road.


Generali tip


If you want to be on the safe side, take your motorcycle to the garage for servicing at the end of the season or before the start of the next season. That way you can be certain it is safe to ride.



Motorcycle insurance: customised protection

Generali motorcycle insurance allows you to choose the optimal protection from three different packages. Whether you only require the basic services of third-party liability and accidental damage insurance, or would also like to take advantage of additional supplementary benefits: you know you are covered.