Post from a debt collection company

Nov 25, 2021.


You cancelled your gym membership, but you’ve still received a letter from a debt collection company. Why? And what can you do now? Step one: take a deep breath and listen to this episode. We explain what you need to bear in mind with subscriptions and memberships, and how you can deal with those unwelcome debt collection companies. You can also find further information about the subject and sample templates in our knowledge hub. Link to download.



Minute 0:52

Using the example of a gym membership, this section explains the best way to deal with a debt collection letter and what you need to bear in mind when cancelling a gym membership:

  • What is a debt collection letter?
  • How do I take action against a debt collection letter?
  • What is the notice period for a gym membership?
  • What is an automatic renewal clause? Is this legal?
  • How can I cancel my membership if I have missed the period of notice?


Minute 5:00

The second section answers questions about dating service contracts and how to proceed against unjustified debt collection claims:

  • How are dating service contracts cancelled?
  • What is a principal claim?
  • What is a secondary claim?
  • Which debt collection claims have to be paid? Which do not?
  • How do I take action against an unjustified debt collection claim?


Minute 8:02

The third section deals with questions about taking action against collection proceedings:

  • How can I take action against collection proceedings?
  • What periods of notice do I need to observe when doing so?
  • How can I have a debt enforcement register entry anonymised for third parties?


Note: The podcast with our legal specialists from Fortuna Legal Protection is currently broadcast in Swiss German.


“Gym memberships have periods of notice. If you cancel a membership outside of the period of notice, the contract may be automatically renewed. Before you sign a contract, you should read it closely, including the terms and conditions. That’s where renewal clauses must be set out.”


Bastian Radelfinger, Claims Legal Specialist at Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance

Bastian holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s in Law from the University of Bern. Following a legal internship at a law firm in Bern and a judicial internship at the Bernese Jura-Seeland District Court, he was admitted to the bar in Bern in spring 2021. He has worked as a Claims Legal Specialist for Fortuna Legal Protection Insurance Ltd. since May 2020. In particular, Bastian handles legal cases in contract and tenancy law.