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Saving as a family: plan well and provide for the future

The baby is finally here! You used to be just a couple; now, you’re a small family. This change means lots of new experiences. While you will have to deal with certain things as they happen, you can and should plan other things well in advance.

See to it that your family is well protected, no matter what. A family budget will help you save and with the right insurance, you will be in good shape in case of an emergency. Manage your estate so that your family isn’t left with any financial worries. Our insurance advisors would be pleased to assist you.

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Saving as a family: how to ease the pressure on your family budget.

Everything you need to know about family allowances, tax deductions and pocket money.

In case of an emergency: protect your family against risks

Here’s how to make sure your family is fully protected in case of illness, accident or death.

Dividing your estate: how to protect your family

Everything you need to know about statutory shares and how you can change the division of your estate in order to protect your family.