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Update your home with DIY on a budget

Jun 16, 2020.

DIY is so satisfying! Not only do you get to look at something and say “I did that”, you also save loads of cash in the process. But there’s plenty more you can do to be kind to your wallet and still get all the benefits.

Re-use and restore for big savings!

First, avoid paying top price for materials. Start by searching online for auctions offering used and end-of-line supplies—they're usually perfectly good materials that would otherwise be discarded. On websites and auction sites such as Offcut, Tutti or Ricardo you can find plenty of those materials.


If it’s cheaper wood you’re after for your budget renovation, lumber yards give you big savings over hardware stores for the same timber. And if you’re looking for household items, your local salvage store may have plenty of great stuff you can re-use, re-purpose or restore for the “shabby-chic” look.



Tool up

Unless you’re turning into a serious DIY fiend, avoid buying new tools if you can—seeing that chainsaw you’ve used exactly twice will make you wince in a few years. Instead, use a tool hire service to keep the cost down and, if you already have tools you don’t need, use Sharely to swap them for ones you do.



Don't take on too much

For all that, maybe don’t build a house just yet! If you bite off more than you can chew, calling the professionals to rescue you might end up costing more than if you’d just called them in the first place. Excellent starter DIY jobs include:

  • floor tiling
  • laying a carpet or wood floor
  • painting walls
  • fixing leaky taps
  • resealing a bath


Looking for smart, low-impact DIY projects also reduces your risk, not to mention saving you time, effort and money. All you need to completely change the look of a room could be a lick of paint or some new lighting.


Whatever you do, make sure you know exactly what you’re doing before you grab that hammer. YouTube is a fantastic resource—there’s probably a video of someone explaining how to do every type of home improvement imaginable.


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