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Catch the bad guys in the act with smart home security

Aug 3, 2020.

Imagine this: you are thousands of kilometres away from home on that well-earned break from work and your worst nightmare comes true. An intruder has targeted your home when it is empty and at its most vulnerable. You'll need to be on the next flight back to sort it all out, right? Not with a smart security system.

Your smart home security system will cause a scary bell or alarm to go off as normal, interrupting the burglar and alerting your neighbours. But, crucially, a text message informing the police to catch the bad guys will also be triggered.


With all that tech, by now you’ll be worried that lights will go on, doors open and sirens wail at all the wrong times, waking you up at 3 am in your hotel room.


So, you have a decision to make: will you do it yourself or pay for a premium service? Smart security is a fast-growing, crowded marketplace with hundreds of companies competing for your attention.



For every budget

You can either pay less than CHF 200 or install a CHF 1,000-plus system. Typically, the more you pay, the more innovative security features and support you will get for your money – for complete peace of mind, some companies will monitor your home 24/7 and alert the police if there is a break-in.


But at the cheap-and-cheerful end of the market, you can choose a simple DIY smart alarm with a few motion sensors, which you can monitor through your mobile phone. You can even install and manage it yourself, for example with a solution like Arlo.



Be cyber smart

Is there a catch? Well, criminals like to keep one step ahead, and already the industry has been criticised for being one step behind in the war on cybercrime. Some early systems were said to be so easy to hack into that a smart burglar could find out your password and disable your alarm while standing three metres from your front door.


Thankfully, the latest generation of routers chosen for smart home systems use more secure networks – so this should be top of your checklist when looking at product features. Before you decide on a brand, check that you’ll be able to use its security system with your phone and with any other network you may be running remotely.



Stay connected

Also, look for a system that offers back-up power and connectivity if there’s a power cut. Remember – no Wi-Fi, no security.


It also pays to remember that smart home security systems are a work in progress. As technology races on, we should start to see increasingly user-friendly set-ups that can interact seamlessly with other smart home systems and across different products. So, for example, you’ll be able to program the pet feeder, the heating and the smart alarm by talking to a single smart home app in your phone.


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