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Online safety

How to protect yourself against cybercrime

We live in a digital world – shopping, working and meeting our friends online. This has its advantages and disadvantages. Although crime rates are falling, cybercrime is on the rise. Many dangers lurk on the internet: people have been hit by phishing, ransomware, sextortion and cyberbullying. How can we protect ourselves? Discover everything you need to know in our “Online safety” series.


Stay informed: handy facts about cybercrime

What does a white hat hacker actually do?

Security expert and white hat hacker Marc Ruef addresses this question in our interview.

Keep your kids safe online

We all know the internet can be a fantastic tool to help your kids learn and play—but it doesn’t come without risks. Here's how to keep your kids safe (and happy!) online.

Phishing: How to prevent data theft

This article provides tips on how to recognise and protect yourself from phishing attacks, and what you should do if you do end up opening a phishing e-mail by mistake.

Online shopping: preventing online fraud

We show you how to recognise their tricks – so you won’t fall for them yourself.

Cloud security, or cloud risk?

Is there such a thing as safe cloud storage? Should we take precautions, or even avoid it? Get our verdict on cloud privacy and security.

Legal protection for cyber bullying

How to protect your children against cyber bullying.

Preventing data theft

Jean-Laurent Guinchard and Peter Fröstl of Europ Assistance explain how to shore up security gaps and what benefits the cyber protection for private individual offered by Generali and Europ Assistance can bring.

Identity theft: Developing awareness for the dangers of the digital world

IT security expert Harald Reisinger explains how even security specialists can become victims of cyber attacks.

Insurance solutions

Protect yourself against cybercrime with our insurance products