Provident insurance Flex

Provident insurance helps you customise your financial future, tailoring it precisely to your personal needs. Pick your preferred mix of return- and security-oriented saving while protecting your loved ones.

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How provident insurance Flex works

This provident insurance provides comprehensive protection in case of death or on maturity. It consists of a security and a return credit. The security credit is comparable with an interest-bearing account, while the return credit is similar to a custody account. It always includes an integrated lump sum death benefit and endowment benefit. You can also select additional cover to meet your needs.  

Your benefits

Tailored pension plan

Flexible combined savings plan with risk cover.

  • Save using a flexible mix of returns and security
  • Attractive tax advantages in pillars 3a and 3b
  • Sustainable investment plans available
  • Protect your loved ones with a lump sum death benefit
  • Additional cover depending on your needs
Total flexibility

When your needs change.

  • Easy to adjust
  • Change your premium split
  • Change the mix of returns and security
  • Change your investment plan

Provident insurance Flex at a glance

Savings and risk cover


Risk cover

Additional cover optional

Personal pension consultation for you

For an analysis of your situation and personalised quotes.

Flex provident insurance in detail

In brief

  • Build up pension capital
  • Pillar 3a, 3b or combined account
  • You select the investment plan
  • Invest in line with your needs
  • Potential returns

Save flexibly 
You decide whether to pay your premiums into a pillar 3a or 3b account, allowing you to build up assets. Determine how your savings premium is split between the security and return credit at the same time as selecting your investment plan. 10–80% of the savings premium can be used as return credit. 


As your life changes 
Needs can change. Change your premium split or the weighting of your return and security credits simply and easily. Change your investment plan as desired, choosing from our existing range.  

In brief

  • Guaranteed lump sum death benefit
  • Financial protection for family
  • Fund assets paid out

Your lump sum death benefit
Our provident insurance protects your loved ones optimally if something happens to you. In the event of death, your relatives will receive your entire security and return credit, or at least a guaranteed lump sum death benefit.

In brief

  • Increased protection for you and your loved ones
  • Premium exemption
  • Pension for loss of earning capacity
  • Increased lump sum death benefit

Additional options   
You can add additional coverage to your death benefits insurance policy if you want to, to ensure that you have even more comprehensive protection for certain events. It will help you, for example, maintain your current standard of living in the event you experience loss of earning capacity. 


Additional cover options at a glance 

  • Premium exemption: If you no longer have an income due to illness or accident, we will pay your premium for you. This is true in the event of death or loss of earning capacity. 
  • Pension for loss of earning capacity: We will pay you a pension if you experience loss of earning capacity. 
  • Increased lump sum death benefit: Increase your guaranteed lump sum death benefit depending on your needs. 
Tomorrow Invest
Multi Index

Make provisions to protect your loved ones now based on your personal needs.

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