Single-premium life insurance

Our single-premium life insurance will provide you with tax-privileged pension capital so that you can enjoy your retirement just as you wish. At the same time, your loved ones enjoy financial protection thanks to a lump sum death benefit.

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How single-premium life insurance works

With our single-premium life insurance, you make a one-off investment of at least CHF 30,000. So, unlike a classic life insurance policy, you don’t pay a monthly premium. Our financial experts will invest your premium in first-class funds, thereby enabling you to benefit from the potential for attractive returns. At the same time, your loved ones enjoy financial protection thanks to the guaranteed death benefit.

Your benefits

Attractive capital investment

Invest your money securely.

  • Single package: Capital investment and insurance coverage
  • Guaranteed death benefit to protect your loved ones
  • Expert investments
  • Select the investment plan that meets your needs
  • Inheritance, bankruptcy and tax privileges
One-off investment

Uncomplicated: pay in once for optimal returns.

  • You can invest larger sums
  • With just a single payment
  • Securely invest your money long-term

Single-premium life insurance at a glance

Capital investment and risk cover

Savings capital

Lump sum death benefit

Personal pension consultation for you

For an analysis of your situation and personalised quotes.

Coverage types in detail

In brief

  • Optimal investment for your money
  • In a pillar 3a or 3b account
  • One-off investment
  • Choice of investment plans
  • Attractive potential returns

Your savings capital
You make a one-off investment of at least CHF 30,000. Our financial experts will invest this in first-class funds. The accumulated tax-privileged capital is then paid out to you at the end of the contract term. And should you be in need of funds during the term of the contract, you can withdraw either all or part of your capital in advance at any time under the terms of pillar 3b, or take out a loan.


Finding the right investment plan
You can choose from two different types of investment plan: our sustainable Tomorrow Invest plans, which primarily invest in Swiss companies with a proven commitment to creating a better world. And our cost-effective Multi Index strategy funds, which focus on high geographical diversification and cost-effective ETFs. 

In brief

  • Guaranteed lump sum payable at death
  • Protection from the very first day
  • Protection for surviving dependants
  • Privileged inheritance and bankruptcy rules

Your lump sum death benefit
With this life insurance policy, you are protecting not only yourself but also your loved ones: in the event of your death, they will enjoy financial protection thanks to the guaranteed death benefit that is payable from day one of your cover. 


Privileged inheritance and bankruptcy rules
You benefit from privileged inheritance and bankruptcy rules: rather than becoming part of the deceased’s estate, the death benefit is paid out directly to the beneficiaries, even if they decide to renounce their inheritance. If you have named your spouse, registered partner or children as beneficiaries, the entitlement under the insurance can neither be pledged nor can it form part of the bankruptcy estate.

Tomorrow Invest
Multi Index
Practical example

Ms. Wienke inherited a large amount of money, CHF 240,000, and decides to invest some of the money for her two children. Our single-premium life insurance policy is the ideal solution, allowing her and her children to benefit from optimal potential returns. She takes out this policy for each of her children, making a single-premium payment of CHF 80,000 for each policy. Once the policy has ended in ten years, her children receive CHF 107,000 each, thanks to a positive investment performance. 

Invest your capital securely while protecting your loved ones financially.

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