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Travel insurance

Carefree worldwide travel

It doesn’t matter how well you plan your holidays – sometimes life is not predictable. Cover for everything from an injury before a holiday to an accident at the resort or sudden illness. Our global network supports you and your family in every situation quickly and reliably. So relax and pack your bags. Leave your cares at home when you travel with us.

Your benefits

  • Help and information 24 hours, 365 days a year via our travel hotline.
  • Our partner Europ Assistance is a global market leader.
  • One insurance policy for all trips in Switzerland and abroad
  • Insurance coverage for individuals, families or couples.
  • Illness in the event of a pandemic is also covered.

How is the Travel Insurance made up?

Our travel insurance is made up of three basic modules and three supplementary modules. Select at least one basic module and add further modules depending on your needs. 



No matter which modules you select, our services are always included. For example, our travel hotline can provide information on vaccinations and entry requirements before you start your journey. We can also help if there’s an emergency at home while you’re away. We’ll support you and offer psychological assistance.

We cover the costs of cancelling or postponing your trip, for instance if you are ill or have had an accident. The same applies if something happens to a close relative or your pet, or if your travel destination is affected by an exceptional event such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption.

Double the protection: personal assistance consists of medical assistance and travel assistance. This means we support you if you need medical care or there are any problems with your method of transportation during your trip. Additionally, search and rescue costs and early, temporary and delayed return journeys are insured. We also cover treatment costs abroad for emergency-related outpatient treatment and hospital stays.

Are you travelling with your own vehicle? We offer Europe-wide support for breakdowns, collisions and damage caused by natural events. This extends to all areas covered by the International Insurance Card. Whether you’re travelling by bicycle, e-bike or car: we make sure you’re safe on the road.

It’s surprisingly easy to encounter legal issues when travelling. These can be complicated to deal with if you don’t know the language or the foreign laws. No matter where you are travelling in the world, we’re at your side and will help you know your rights. For example, we’ll support you in any disputes arising from a traffic accident, or will help if there are any disagreements over the booking of your holiday home.

When travelling, you’re glad when your luggage arrives at your destination on time and undamaged. If something goes wrong, we offer immediate assistance. The policy includes cover for damage, theft and delayed luggage. We pay the costs of replacement, repair or repurchase.

Do you often rent vehicles such as cars, bikes or boats on holiday? Then this coverage is worth considering. We cover your deductible in case of claims caused by collision, vandalism, damage caused by natural events and theft of rental vehicles.