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Holidays are the best of times. What happens, though, if your travel plans fall through due to an illness? Or a country is suddenly no longer safe or something happens to you on your trip? With the protection of travel insurance, you are insured against all eventualities before and during your trip and you get help 24/7. So relax and pack your bags.

Your benefits

  • Help or information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from the travel information line
  • Our partner — EUROP ASSISTANCE — is a global market leader
  • One insurance policy for all trips in Switzerland and abroad
  • No time limits on trips GENERALI Assistance travel insurance

Travel insurance without borders

Thanks to our global network, our travel insurance offers you fast, professional help in any type of emergency. The basic coverage includes everything you need when travelling:

  • Cancellation costs: If a trip has to be called off

due to illness, complications of pregnancy, accident, loss of employment, natural hazards, strikes, etc.

  • Personal assistance: An all-round package for travellers' well-being

transport, repatriation, search and rescue operations in the event of illness, complications of pregnancy, accident or death

  • Vehicle assistance: prompt and professional help when on the road

breakdown assistance and costs of towing and returning vehicles following a collision, breakdown or theft

  • Travel insurance also includes supplementary cover for legal protection abroad

we assume the costs of lawyers and legal proceedings, expert opinions and advance bail payments.


for information and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in the event of unforeseen incidents during your trip; illnesses, accidents or breakdowns; information about your destination and its political situation; travel documents; vaccinations; customs and entry requirements; diseases, epidemics and pandemics.

How GENERALI Assistance travel insurance works - two examples

Sandra Howard is looking forward to a long-awaited holiday with her boyfriend, Andy. One week before their departure, a strong earthquake occurs at their destination. The EDA (Swiss Federal Department for Foreign Affairs) recommends that people avoid travelling to the region hit by the earthquake. They have no choice but to cancel their holiday. Cancelling costs them CHF 6,390, and their travel insurance covers it.


Mr and Mrs Matthews and their two daughters, Fabienne and Caroline, aged 9 and 13, are touring the US in a rental car. While hiking in Bryce Canyon, Caroline has an accident and suffers serious head injuries. Because the accident has occurred in an impassable area, she is airlifted from the accident site to the hospital by helicopter. As the hospital, though, does not have the right facilities to treat her, her travel insurance arranges to have her transported to a clinic in Los Angeles. Her treatment and recovery process is long drawn-out. Together with her doctors, Generali decides to have her repatriated to Switzerland in an ambulance jet. As she did on the transfer to Los Angeles, Caroline's mother accompanies her on the flight home. The rest of the family return to Switzerland on a scheduled flight. The total costs amount to some CHF 100,000, and travel insurance picks up the bill.

Important questions

  • The policyholder, (married) partner, children (including foster children), all persons living in the same household
  • Unrelated children who are travelling with the policyholder on holiday


  • organisation and reimbursement of the costs of transport or repatriation by train or aircraft
  • recovery of vehicle
  • accompanying minors to place of residence
  • assumption of the additional costs for accommodation and meals in the event of an unscheduled stopover
  • in the event of damage or loss, advance on costs for urgently required items abroad ( maximum of CHF 1000.– )
  • in the event of damage to the holiday accommodation, reimbursement of costs for accommodation and meals
    ( maximum of CHF 1000.– )


In the event of premature curtailment of the trip, reimbursement of the costs of the unused part of the holiday
( package ) up to a maximum of:

  • individual insurance: CHF 15 000.–
  • family insurance: CHF 40 000.–



For each event, up to:

  • individual insurance CHF 15 000.–
  • family insurance CHF 40 000.–



  • organising and reimbursing the costs of breakdown assistance or vehicle recovery
  • abroad: recoverable advance payment of a maximum of CHF 2000.– for the carrying out of necessary repairs



Defence costs up to a maximum of:

  • claim in Europe: CHF 250 000.–
  • outside Europe: CHF 50 000.–


Excerpt from the benefits

It is valid for an unlimited period as soon as the policy begins.

In Switzerland and worldwide.

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