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Travel insurance

Travel insurance for a relaxed holiday – in Switzerland and around the world

However well you plan your holiday, things can always happen. And you might end up paying out a lot of money. Which is why you need travel insurance. If you have an accident or fall ill, we will support you and your family in every situation, quickly and reliably. Our travel insurance allows you to go away and leave your cares at home. It even covers you for day trips you take in Switzerland.


  • For all travel and trips within Switzerland and abroad
  • 24/7, 365 days a year: you’ll get information and help round the clock
  • Coronavirus travel insurance: our pandemic coverage also applies if you get coronavirus
  • Our partner Europ Assistance is a global market leader
  • Suiting your needs: travel insurance for individuals, families or couples

How is the Travel Insurance made up?

Would like to take out travel insurance? We have three basic modules and three supplementary modules. Select at least one basic module and add further modules depending on your needs. 

Basic modules

Are you ill or have had an accident before starting out on your journey? We cover the costs of cancelling or postponing your trip. Our travel cancellation insurance also covers you if a relative or your pet is involved, or if your travel destination is affected by an exceptional event such as an earthquake or volcanic eruption.


Cancellation insurance

Have you had an accident or a medical emergency while abroad? Personal assistance consists of medical assistance and travel assistance. This entitles you to medical assistance while you are travelling as well as assistance if your means of transport stops running. The insurance also covers search-and-rescue costs. We also cover treatment costs abroad for emergency-related outpatient treatment and hospital stays.


Personal assistance

Are you travelling with your own vehicle? We offer Europe-wide support for breakdowns, collisions and damage caused by natural events such as flooding or storms. You get breakdown assistance for when you’re abroad, and you can also count on our help if your bike is not working. Whether you are travelling by bicycle, electric bicycle or car, we make sure you are covered wherever you go.


Vehicle assistance

Supplementary modules

What are the rules and laws abroad? It’s easy to get stuck when it comes to legal issues abroad. Just not knowing a language can be a barrier. We’ll support you in any disputes arising from a traffic accident, and we help you with any problems regarding bookings. Our combination of travel and motorist’s legal protection will ensure you get what you’re legally entitled to – anywhere in the world.


Travel and motorists’ legal protection

When travelling, you count on your luggage arriving at your destination on time and undamaged. If something goes wrong, we offer immediate assistance. The luggage insurance includes cover for damage, theft and delayed luggage, and more. We pay the costs of replacement or repair.


Luggage insurance

Do you often rent vehicles such as cars, bikes or boats on your holiday? If so, it is a good idea to take out extra insurance for deductible payment on top of the rental vehicle insurance. We cover your deductible for claims caused by collision, vandalism, damage caused by natural events and theft of rental vehicles.


Rental vehicles deductible


The services are always included in our travel insurance. Our travel hotline can give you information on vaccinations and entry requirements before you start your journey. We can also help you in the event of an emergency while you are away, any time of the day or night.


Travel hotline +41 848 800 400

Information and help before and during your trip: 24/7, 365 days a year

  • Required vaccinations and travel documents
  • Entry and customs formalities
  • Emergency services at home
  • Psychological support by phone
  • Assistance in the event of unforeseen travel changes
  • Translation and interpreting services




Travel insurance protects you against unexpected problems and their financial consequences during a trip or excursion in Switzerland and around the world.


You become ill or have an accident? Travel cancellation insurance or international health insurance pays your cancellation and treatment costs. Having a legal dispute with your car rental company? Rental vehicle deductible insurance or motorists’ legal protection insurance are handy to have here. Maybe your luggage gets stolen or arrives damaged. This is where your luggage insurance will get you new or replacement luggage items. And these are only a few examples.


Taking out travel insurance with Generali gets you round-the-clock assistance and financial help. So your trip doesn’t end abruptly and you can relax and just enjoy your time away.

Our travel insurance is suitable for everyone because it is tailored to individual needs. The family insurance gives families the best cover, while individual insurance does the same for people travelling individually. You are free to choose the cover provided by your travel insurance: from cancellation costs insurance and luggage insurance to payment of the deductible for rental vehicles. 

The travel insurance is valid worldwide, including Switzerland. This does not include vehicle assistance, which is only valid in Europe, including Switzerland.

  • Individual insurance: minor children not living in the same household are insured under the policy, including godchildren. The minors are travelling with you and without their parents. You are responsible for the minors during the trip.
  • Family insurance: Children are insured provided they live in the same household and minors who do not live in the same household, for example godchildren. If your children have already moved out of home, they can only be included in the family insurance up to the age of 25.

Generally, travel insurance is always worthwhile if you travel a lot - whether abroad or in Switzerland. Cancellation insurance is particularly useful if you go on one or two expensive trips a year. Depending on the provider, you could otherwise end up paying the cancellation costs. But you can also benefit from cancellation cover if you regularly attend concerts in Switzerland: tickets for events are also covered.


Make sure that you take out the travel cancellation insurance before the insured event occurs. If you do not do this, the trip will not be insured.

Yes, coronavirus is an illness, so it is covered like any other illness. This also applies to all other illnesses caused by a pandemic or epidemic. We will also give you information on any vaccinations or quarantine requirements before you travel. The travel insurance also covers any quarantine costs resulting from an illness, as long as you have included personal assistance.


You’ll find more information about travelling and coronavirus on our coronavirus page under travel law.