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Travel and motorists’ legal protection – legal assistance while travelling

Legal support in disputes while travelling and on the roads

Is motorists’ legal protection worth it in your case? If you are regularly out on the roads, mishaps can happen. Legal disputes can then become expensive very quickly. Our motorists’ legal protection insurance means you are in a good position, even if you cause an accident – whether it is in Switzerland or abroad. And why do you need travel legal protection? On holiday, the last thing you want are any disputes because of a double booking. We make sure you are not left out of pocket.


  • Legally covered: support with disputes about travel arrangements
  • Benefits apply worldwide, also in Switzerland
  • Convenient: legal information over the phone
  • Supplementary module: can be combined with a basic module

What is covered

  • Support in disputes arising from traffic accidents
  • Support in disputes arising from having your licence suspended
  • Assistance in the event of disputes arising from the booking of your holiday accommodation
  • Assertion of damages relating to assault, robbery or simple theft



Practical example

The Bielmann family has paid for a dream holiday in Greece. Due to another family double booking the same hotel room, the Bielmanns’ tour operator cancels the holiday at short notice.    


What does the legal protection cover?

It is only through our assistance that the tour operator pays the family compensation.



  • Holiday in luxury hotel: CHF 7,000
  • Dispute with tour operator: CHF 3,000


Costs if you don’t have insurance

Total costs for you: CHF 10,000

Estimated costs per person

Costs with insurance

Premium for travel and motorists’ legal protection: : CHF 15.00

Family insurance for 1 year


Further coverage

Would you be interested in other coverage? As well as travel and motorists’ legal protection insurance, we offer the following modules:

Basic modules

Supplementary modules



Travel legal protection helps you in disputes in connection with a booking, for example for accommodation. Motorists' legal protection supports you in the event of disputes resulting from an accident or you having your driving licence suspended. We provide you with legal information over the phone and cover the lawyer’s fees, court costs and costs of proceedings.

Whenever you are on the road, having motorists' legal protection insurance pays off. Our experts in motorists’ legal protection support you, for example, in criminal proceedings following a traffic accident or driving licence suspension.

The travel and motorists’ legal protection coverage is a supplementary module as part of our travel insurance. To take out this supplementary insurance, you must select at least one basic module first. You can take out the insurance online or through one of our advisors.

It doesn’t cover fines, contractual penalties and other punitive payments imposed on you. We do not cover payment of damages of any kind either.