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Event insurance

Protection for your event

If you're the organiser of the event, and the wedding marquee collapses, the grill stand at the village fair goes up in flames or the outdoor cinema is hit by a heavy storm, you want to be sure you're protected against property damage and personal injury. Sit back and enjoy your event thanks to event insurance, which you can easily conclude online.

Online event insurance - the basics

For clubs and associations

  • that don't have business liability insurance and organise events that are attended by their members, their members' relatives or guests


For individuals

  • who organise events and whose personal liability insurance does not provide cover for commercial events.
  • who organise an event with third parties. If you organise an event with a third party, property damage and personal injury to third parties are no longer covered by your personal liability insurance.

Event insurance covers third-party claims for compensation for personal injury and property damage that occurred at the event (set-up and clean-up work is included free of charge).


The following types of cover can be added to the basic version of this insurance on request:

  • Temporary stands
  • Temporary standing ramps
  • Festival pavilions and tents
  • Refreshments stands


Supplementary insurance covers claims for compensation from participants (for property damage and personal injury).

  • Generali is the only company in Switzerland that allows you to conclude event insurance online: The insurance can be taken out online with just a few clicks.
  • The insurance can be concluded for a specific event for a maximum of four days. There is no annual premium.
  • Event insurance is a modular solution. Individual supplementary cover for stands or festival pavilions, etc., can be added to the basic version of this insurance.
  • Preparatory work and clearing up afterwards are automatically covered at no extra cost.
  • Good value for money